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How Online Gamers Can Play It Safe

There are many of the games we play online have in-app purchases and need your bank account or credit card information to make payments, and this has led to a proliferation of attacks targeting these platforms to steal money from users.

Faizan Idrees, Blogger

February 25, 2020

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Many of the games we play online have in-app purchases and need your bank account or credit card information to make payments, and this has led to a proliferation of attacks targeting these platforms to steal money from users. As online gaming has been steadily rising in popularity over the past couple of decades, it has taken a while for the security measures needed to be deployed to combat the issue. We have given a little insight below as to how platform owners and users can take extra steps to ensure that online gaming and gambling is safe for all in the future.

Evaluating the Threats

Online gaming has become big business, and this has led to scammers finding new ways to make (or more precisely, take) money from honest gamers. With in-game purchases becoming standard for most games, we have seen a rise in theft and scams conducted through gaming websites. Steam is one of the largest digital distribution platforms which allows people to trade games, in-game items, and virtual cards, noted that over 77,000 accounts are being pillaged each month, and that was back in 2015 - the threats have not gone away. Scammers also use social media and in-game conversations to get valuable information that they can use later to steal from your accounts. As we use passwords for every account we have online. There is a tendency in many people to use simple passwords, which are easy for code breakers to crack. Scammers come in various forms, and website owners, as well as users, need to take every precaution to ensure online gamers can play safely. 

Website Security

Gaming and gambling websites have taken massive steps to ensure that their platforms are as safe and secure as possible, making it that much harder for attackers to gain access to any valuable information. Some sites such as skycity casino online have made their website geographically locked so that only users in locations that are permitted to use the website can gain access to it. Gaming sites are now limiting data uploads, as this is an easy method for attackers to gain access to user data and personal information. Security socket layers also help to keep the website secure from attacks, and you see will see “https” on pages and sites that require personal information or payment instructions. Many companies have started using vulnerability software, which highlights weaknesses within their system so that site owners can take the appropriate action to remedy the flaws. Scammers also try to upload dangerous files through weak email transmission ports as website managers often overlook this area, however, this can be fixed easily by only using secure email ports and keeping email user data safe. 

 Taking Preventative Measures

Although websites take significant measures to ensure their platform is safe and secure, it is often the actual users who provide attackers with easy entry to the system. Never use easy to figure out passwords such as pet names, maiden names, or dates of birth. Use a password generating tool which will create a totally random password that is harder to crack. A security analysis company was able to break over 80% of passwords in under an hour on MMO King's website which allows purchases for major games like World of Warcraft. When playing online games in a public space, always be wary of those around you and be sure to log off securely each time you step away from your computer. Also, ensure that your computer has an up-to-date virus checker and try to limit who has access to your system.

Be wary of Other Users

As security protocols have been strengthened to combat the rise of scammers in online gaming, the attackers have found new ways to gain access to user accounts. One of the most common scams that gamers fall for is through conversations with other players on the platform. Most games now have an in-game chat the same as social media accounts, and this is where they can target unsuspecting users. Always be wary of users that you don't know as they may be trying to leverage information that they can use to gain access to your personal details and accounts. A common trick is to suggest that users download a specific program that gives in-game benefits, but the reality is that many of these programs are designed to transmit your information back to the scammer. Never trust other users' recommendations and always check with the platform provider before downloading external programs. Create strong passwords and set reminders on your computer to renew these passwords every few months to limit the chances of your account being the next one that attackers gain access to.

Although attackers are continually trying to find new ways to steal from users, while most online gaming and gambling sites are safe to use, you still need to be aware of the potential threats and do what you can to prevent your details from falling into the wrong hands. If you are ever suspicious of any activity, be sure to report it to the platform owners so they can advise you on whether it is safe to proceed or not. Never trust users you don't know and keep your personal details secure by keeping your computer password protected. The online gaming industry is only going to grow, and we can all enjoy the sites with a little caution to ensure the integrity of the site and our personal details are safe from scammers in the future.

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