Everything is Coming Up Potatos!

Getting signs from the universe about my "Bud the Spud" game

A found Potato

So this will seem a little strange but I think the Universe it trying to tell me something here. I was out for my run this morning and as I am running along I come accross three brand new healthy looking Potatos just lying on the ground along the river trail. I think to myself as I see them. How TOTALLY out of place they look. But what a weird coincidence since I'm working on an indie game called "Bud the Spud" which is about a Potato character!! I think I will take this as a good Omen :)

More cool stuff I added to level one this morning. A new broken pipe by the 3rd deadly mud bog. I moved the Xtra life heart pick up and placed it inside of that pipe just to provide players an additional challenge.

These Updates and More will be Uploaded Friday so whatchout for all kinds of Potato Coolness ahead for Bud the Spud :)

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