A Beginner's Guide to Vector Art in Games

If you’re interested creating some vector art of your own, check out this handy tutorial! Part 1 introduces the project, the tools and starts work drawing the Stag character. Part 2 involves finishing the character and splitting it out for animation.

This blog is a repost from the XMPT Games blog found here:

DiscStorm, Penguin Party, Monster Hotel… top games the lot of them, and they all used what is called “raster” art. But when we started work on a new super secret project (I won't be revealing what it is yet, but in this video you’ll get to see a couple of the characters), our artist Ed wanted to go for a totally different look. The sort of look that would once have been described as “clean” or “minimal”, but which nowadays is typically described as “like Monument Valley” ;)

To achieve this kind of look vector art is a brilliant way to go, but working with vectors in Photoshop is a different kettle of fish to our usual style. So if you’re interested creating some vector art of your own, why not check out this handy tutorial! In part one Ed introduce the project, the tools and start work drawing the Stag character. Part two talks about finishing off the character and explaining how to split it out for use in Unity.

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