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StoneTrip, Ideaworks Integrate Shiva3D, Airplay SDK

StoneTrip, the firm behind 3D game engine Shiva3D, is partnering with Airplay SDK provider IdeaWorks Labs to allow Shiva3D developers to port their games more easily to mobile devices.

Kris Graft, Contributor

January 25, 2011

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StoneTrip and IdeaWorks Labs on Tuesday announced a partnership that aims to better support cross-platform mobile game development. The two companies said they would integrate their respective development products -- StoneTrip's Shiva3D game engine and IdeaWorks' Airplay -- so that Shiva 3D developers would be able to port their games to Airplay SDK-supported platforms. Those platforms include iOS, Android, bada, Palm webOS, Maemo, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The latest version of Shiva3D has native support for iOS, Android and Palm webOS, but the partnership will add additional mobile support. Developers will also be able to "make full use of Shiva 3D's engine and editor," the companies said. The integration helped bring DVide Arts' Crusade of Destiny to Symbian and Bada platforms. Late last year, France-based StoneTrip announced that it partnered with Chinese middleware distributor Axis3D to bring Shiva3D to China and Taiwan.

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