Scrum tester roles and responsibilities

Scrum is iterative and incremental agile software development methodology where tester need to be more active day to day with his roles and responsibilities.

Scrum tester roles and responsibilities - Software development is become more risky with traditional method of development and now days moving towards the adopting the scrum that focus on  iterative and incremental agile software development methodology and each sprint promise to send a shippable product that drive the business value to end customer.

I like to bring a light on what tester is doing in scrum - Scrum given equal propriety to all team member at different level and you can1t bring the high quality of software without involving tester in it.

In the scrum when project kick-off meeting done with scrum master, product owner, developer ( architecture ), designer you are act like more test analyst where you gain more knowledge about product itself, technology involved in it, architecture overview, main business component going to deliver in sprint by sprint. Also you get to know about where you report on bugs and each team member responsibilities within that project. Also you can analyze the possible automation tools, test scripts need to adopt and what are the possible test cases able to generate by breaking the whole system into small parts and how many of them can be automated initially and regression test automation plan with acceptance criteria baseline.

Scrum Tester Mission - You can help team to achieve good quality shippable product in each sprint.

  • Involved from day one & listen kick-off meeting  : with a team of scrum master, product owner,

  • designer & developer team ( architecture team ) where they possibly can play poker and you get more knowledge about the product vision from product owner. You get to know what technology are going to use and architecture level high level details, so you can make some notes out of it.

  • Always be a part of the on going current sprint :As a tester you need to be integrated with plan and in first sprint you can provide your view and test estimation and activity plan. Its included test plan, test case writing extracting from user stories and creating baseline for the acceptance testing, framework planned to adopt, acceptance testing environment setup & know more about DB, API, features and functionality those have high story points..etc.

  • Always be a part of planning of the next sprint - In this time you get major sprint changes and you can talk about your test automation framework progress with next sprint.

  • Update the acceptance criteria test case for each item for next sprint -  As a tester need to write the test cases using user stories, some time story point can change the test case priority. If you lake of product knowledge you can go back and ask more business logic questions to product owner who is acting like a traditional business analyst role.

  • Keep upgrading accepting criteria and maintaining the old test cases - Each sprint once he receives feedback from product owner, you need to revisit your old test case and update according to new sprint features.

  • API automation testing - If your application using API then you need to automate API testing its save lot of time for UI testing.

  • Execute acceptance test in manual way - If application is very complex you can't achieve 60% - 100% automation, so keep execute acceptance test in manual way.

  • Previous sprints - smoke test UI and regression test with old sprints, so you are cover old sprints regression test.

  • Exploratory testing needed action - Automation not discover all bugs, so keep exploring hidden bugs

  • Retrospective meeting - it's a platform to review your test progress, what you did in it and what to need to more and what do less.


In scrum tester become one of the core member in team and contribute his excellence with testing knowledge to bring a high quality potentially shippable product increment way.


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