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Report: PlayStation VR device includes external processing box

Polygon reporter Brian Crecente has seen the final, retail version of the hardware -- and the setup's maybe a bit different than you were expecting.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

December 16, 2015

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Newsbrief: The PlayStation VR headset, due to go on sale for the PlayStation 4 next year, has an external processing box about the size of a Nintendo Wii. That's according to a report from Polygon's Brian Crecente, who recently used what he was told is the final, retail version of the hardware. 

News of the external box emerged earlier -- for example in this presentation delivered by Sony developer services and support staffer Ram Madhavan at Unite Boston. The box is responsible for aiding the PlayStation 4 in processing graphics and audio -- Madhavan's talk goes over more technical details, if you're curious. 

Its size, however, had not been disclosed. Crecente was not permitted to take pictures, he writes, but describes the box as "a bit smaller than a Wii."

A report from September suggested that PlayStation VR's cost will be in line with a new console; one analyst firm, however, considers it the frontrunner in the early-gen VR stakes. Sony recently showed off a slew of games for the upcoming headset in San Francisco at its PlayStation Experience event. 

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