My quest to break into the industry:

I got my online portfolio up and running again.

My company just had another round of layoffs and it seems only a matter of time before my head hits the chopping block, so I'm really ramping up to put myself in a position to competitively apply for jobs in the next month.  My first step in that process was to get my online portfolio up and running.  I purchased the rights to which is the name of the first game I ever created.  I had used this back in 06 in my original job hunt and thought it work pretty well back then.

I spent some time updating it, naturally porting it to to make updates easier, and updating content.  As I was updating content, the glaring hole in my resume hit my like a ton of bricks.  I haven't really created a game in about 4 years.  Yeah I have my 3d engine that I worked on for about a year, but I never created a game out of it.  So I've decided to drop the mod for now and focus on trying to put out some quick fire games using my 3d engine.  

It shouldn't take too much effort to get my engine up to a level where creating games with it is a quick and easy process.  I want to create at least 3 games with it in the next month and on top of that a level editor that will allow you to manipulate the features of the engine in an easy to use UI.  I'm going to start with the level editor because I think once I get that down, the 3 games will come easy.

I figure I'll write the level editor in C#, since I can pump that out pretty quick, and it will give me a chance to integrate C# code with C++ code, which I've never done.  I also want to make sure the tool is polished and easy to use, because I think this will be my big ticket demo that will help me land a tools programmer job. 

Quest Progress:
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  • Got back up
Currently Reading:
  • Code Complete 2nd Edition by Steve McConnell (Currently on Chapter 24)
  • Game Developer Magazine (April 2009)
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  • Bioshock (I will finish this game!)

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