Great game GIFs galore: The week in GameDevTweets

Game developers are all over Twitter, sharing everything from tips on making games, observations on the latest news, and snarky jokes. This week: The magical way games look, broken or not.

Game developers are all over Twitter, as everyone realizes by now, sharing game development wisdom, observations about the industry, commenting on the latest news, and making snarky jokes.

Every week we see floods of interesting tweets scroll by, but they're soon lost. Despite Twitter's significance in today's internet landscape -- particularly for game developers -- it's a throw-away medium.

And that's a shame: So much of what goes on there gets to the core of the game development experience. These tweets are worth reading more than a few moments after they're posted.

So why not preserve them?

This week, of course, Twitter more or less ceased to be about actual game development for a day thanks to the Palmer Luckey cover of Time. We've already collected a lot of those tweets, so we'll just share one we missed:

The bulk of cool tweets we pulled this week, however, have to do with how Twitter can effectively be used to share in-progress games. Some of these are horribly broken experiments; others are beautiful and coming along smoothly. Yet others are simple experimentation that will lead to something great. All are worth looking at:

Then, of course, we have some design thoughts from Liz England. It's worth following this one onto Twitter and looking at the replies.

Alphabear dev Daniel Cook shares his definition of "minimum viable product"; for more on what went into making that game, check out our interview with Spry Fox's David Edery from this week.

And then, we can't help but finish with Notch's "one of these things is not like the others" musical taste. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and ... Michael Bolton?!

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