Get a job: Wargaming seeks an AI Engineer is seeking an AI software engineer to work on the company's current and upcoming projects alongside the team in its Chicago, Illinois studio.

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AI Software EngineerWargaming

Location: Chicago, IL

Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore is a part of the leading free-to-play MMO game developer and publisher, with over 65 million subscribers and multiple studios worldwide. We are looking for the right individuals to join us and help deliver great user experiences in both our highly-successful current game, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, as well as our upcoming projects.

We’re looking to hire an extraordinary individual who can assist our growing company in continuing our success.

Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore is seeking an AI Software Engineer to work on our current and upcoming projects.  We are looking for candidates with significant AI experience in complex environments.

Your Focus:

  •  Design and implement AI systems for upcoming games.
  •  Implement server side AI code for a multiplayer environment.
  •  Work closely with design and art to being AI to life.
  •  Support artists, designers, and gameplay programmers.

What YOU Need to Succeed:

  •  A strong desire to create world-class games.
  •  Experience in character and vehicle AI, animation, and client-server environments.
  •  Responsible for the majority of AI work on at least two past projects.
  •  Experience using AI in multiplayer environments.
  •  Firsthand experience using navigation algorithms.
  •  Excellent working knowledge of state machines and message passing.
  •  Experience interacting with Physics and Animation systems.
  •  Ability to write robust, maintainable, and high-performance code.
  •  Very solid math background.
  •  Excellent communications skills.
  •  Experience with Python and Lua.
  •  Deep knowledge of C++ and STL

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