Get a job: The Behemoth is hiring an Experienced Generalist Programmer

The Behemoth is looking for a C++ savvy programmer to join its San Diego-based team.

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Experienced Generalist ProgrammerThe Behemoth

Location: San Diego, California

About the Job:

  • We have a custom C++ engine and asset pipeline with a codebase that continues to evolve on multiple platforms including XB1, PSN, Steam and Switch.
  • You'd be working on adding features to the engine, tools, and gameplay code and helping us bring our work to new systems.
  • We have a small-team atmosphere and an informal work environment. Communication with artists and designers is very important. You'd be collaborating with everyone to make our games the best they can be. Yay, teamwork!
  • Full-Time position at our offices in San Diego, California.
  • Legal, unrestricted right to work in the USA is required.

About You:

  • You are a gamer who has played our games before and understand where we are coming from.
  • You love programming games and solving problems - you've probably designed and made your own games.
  • You're comfortable working with low-level C++ code but always think about the big picture of how everything fits together.
  • You are highly motivated and like to take the initiative to get things done. You like experimenting with new things.
  • You have a great eye for detail and a high standard of quality. You work hard to make things feel right and inspire others to do the same.
  • You have at least three years of programming games in C++ and have shipped at least two games for Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or other consoles.
  • Maybe you have some experience with Adobe Flash, maybe not.

Interested? Apply now.

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