Get a job: Monster Squad seeks a UE4 Gameplay Programmer

Monster Squad is a new Seattle studio established by team members from the Torchlight and Borderlands series, and it needs a gameplay programmer skilled in Unreal Engine 4. Could that be you?

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UE4 Gameplay Programmer, Monster Squad

Location: Seattle, Washington

Monster Squad is a new Seattle studio established by team members from the Torchlight and Borderlands series. We are seeking an experienced Gameplay Programmer to join our squad. As a team we believe in: doing your own legwork, experimentation before design docs, collaborative problem solving instead of supervised directives, and taking creative risks over safe bets.

Are you the type of Programmer who recreated your favorite game's combat system to figure out how it was made? Did you learn to program so you could make the games you love to play?

At Monster Squad, our Gameplay Programmers are also Gameplay Designers. In this role, you will go beyond just building tech, and actively design the systems that go into our games. This is a unique opportunity for creative individuals who have the self-direction to bring the team and your own inspiring ideas to life.


  • Use C++, C#, and scripting languages in making a multiplayer UE4 game.
  • You will have ownership of large systems of the game and help direct their growth.
  • Complete tasks without oversight in a quick and iterative way.
  • You will advocate passionately for gameplay ideas that are just crazy enough to work, and let those ideas go later if it turns out they don't.
  • Be laser focused on an excellent player experience, interact with our community and share your work publicly.


  • You are an experienced programmer with a strong understanding of C++.
  • Have Unreal Engine programming experience and strong debugging skills.
  • Shipped at least one game as a programmer.
  • You excel at open, honest and above all, empathetic communication.
  • You love working in a team and will take charge when there's a gap to be filled.


  • Experience with multiplayer game development and Action RPGs
  • Shipped games on multiple platforms
  • Your talents in gaming extend beyond programming (i.e. creative writing, sound design, etc.)

Why Monster Squad?

  • Work with other accomplished and motivated team members who inspire each other to build the next big thing. We're also really nice people.
  • We avoid bureaucracy, and believe the people doing the work are usually most informed to decide.
  • You will help shape who we are and the game we're building. Make an impact every day.

Monster Squad is a startup committed to our employees. We care deeply about building a culture of trust and support that looks out for our team's well-being. We offer comprehensive benefits, flexible work hours, and self-directed unlimited PTO.

As an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Interested? Apply now.

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