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Get a job: Google is looking to hire a Graphics Engineer

Got some experience doing multi-platform graphics programming? Google wants someone like you to work on developing an engine for animated interactive short stories on mobile and VR devices.

November 10, 2015

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Here is just one of the many, many positions being advertised right now.

Graphics EngineerGoogle

Location: Mountain View, CA

Google is not a conventional company, and we don’t intend to become one. True, we share attributes with the world’s most successful organizations – a focus on innovation and smart business practices comes to mind – but even as we continue to grow, we’re committed to retaining a small-company feel. At Google, we know that every employee has something important to say, and that every employee is integral to our success. We provide individually-tailored compensation packages that can be comprised of competitive salary, bonus, and equity components, along with the opportunity to earn further financial bonuses and rewards.

Googlers thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments, believe in the ability of technology to change the world, and are as passionate about their lives as they are about their work.

The area: Mobile

Making the world's information universally accessible and useful doesn't stop at the desktop.  The Mobile team builds tools to get you the information you need no matter where you are.  Our open-source Android operating system has become the world's most popular mobile ecosystem, powering hundreds of unique devices from smartphones to tablets. Whether adding to the core Android experience, forging new markets for digital content, creating immersive and portable versions of our products or managing relationships with a global community of developers, the Mobile team is giving you Google on the go.  ATAP is looking for experienced and versatile programmers to join the Google Spotlight Stories engine, team on a contract basis.

The role:

Google Spotlight Stories is our platform for delivering high quality, interactive, animated short stories to Smartphones and VR devices (from Cardboard and GearVR to Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE). Our first production, Windy Day, was directed by Jan Pinkava (co-director of Pixar's Oscar-winning film Ratatouille) and rendered its characters using a real-time implementation of OpenSubDiv, Pixar's library for subdivision surface evaluation, that we optimized for OpenGLES and OpenCL. Each new story leverages our technology to showcase the talent of leading directors, artists, and storytellers from the feature film and animation industries.  Technologically, each production is akin to a distinct game, with challenging new requirements for engine subsystems, visual effects, and tools.

As an ATAP Graphics Engineer, you will work on multiple areas of engine development for upcoming stories, including implementing and optimizing rendering and animation subsystems, shaders, in-game and offline tools. You  will have a critical eye for improvements across all of our tech and process: workflow, code quality, engine stability and performance


  • Propose, design, and implement game engine features such as rendering and animation capabilities, data management.

  • Implement and optimize in-game and offline tools for developers and content creators using our rendering engine.

  • Optimize low level systems for target hardware.

  • Create documentation and test code for our tools and APIs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline.

  • 5+ years of programming experience on graphics programming.

  • Experience developing for games;

  • Expert knowledge of real time rendering techniques in relation to lighting and visual effects.

  • Extensive background in: shading effects, rendering systems, physics, low level animation system, and/or multiprocessor programming.

  • Experience working on multi-platform software projects.

  • [Preferred] Shipped one or more game titles; in-house engine mobile or AAA titles preferred.


  • Expertise in C/C++.

  • Thorough understanding of 3D math.

  • Experience with OpenGL or OpenGL ES, LUA or MEL scripting, and ARM / NEON assembly.

  • Commitment to code quality, documentation and sound testing procedures.

  • Ability to research, analyze and optimize code to meet performance requirements.

  • Ability to learn and master new technologies and code.

  • Ability to work independently and efficiently under reasonable deadlines.

  • [Preferred] Experience developing Android native, 3D applications.

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