Get a job: DreamSail Games seeks an Unreal Programmer

Multiplayer game developer DreamSail is looking for a new programmer with UE4 coding experience to join the team at DreamSail's New York headquarters and work on a multiplayer flight game.

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Senior Unreal Programmer, DreamSail Games

Location: New York, NY

DreamSail Games was created in 2014 by a team of developers who are dedicated to creating intense and self-revealing multiplayer experiences. We’re looking for a new team member ready to dive into Unreal and start making an exceptional multiplayer flight experience.

Experience & Skills

  • A minimum of 3 years of software development experience in the games industry
  • Experience working on real time networked gameplay in multiplayer games
  • Extensive experience working with Unreal Engine 4
  • Advanced C++ programming skills
  • Excellent 3D math, trigonometry, and linear algebra skills
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or similar discipline
  • Bonus: Interest/Experience in working with VR headsets


  • Implement, test, debug, and maintain networked gameplay code in UE4
  • Work closely with designers and artists to create high quality features
  • Improve, by example, the efficiency and quality of the studio’s tech team
  • Help peer review code to maintain quality and stability


  • Position located in New York City
  • Please send a resume as well as links to any released games/published you were involved with

About Dreamsail Games

Our passion at DreamSail Games is creating multiplayer games that allow players to discover who they are in extraordinary circumstances.

We believe that throwing players into otherworldly situations, alongside others, leads to unforgettable moments. We  want our players to learn about themselves through their interactions with others without the expectations of reality.

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