Get a job: Be a Graphics Programmer for Firaxis Games

Comfortable coding rendering tech? Baltimore-based Firaxis needs someone with C/C++ programming skills and UE3 experience to program graphics systems and tools for a cross-platform game.

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Graphics ProgrammerFiraxis Games

Location: Baltimore, MD

Firaxis Games is seeking a talented and inspired graphics programmer to join its team.

•    Contribute to the visual fidelity and efficient rendering of our cross-platform title.
•    Extend current graphics-related systems and tools to fit requirements of our game.
•    Maintain a good knowledge of the engine and tools pipeline to facilitate communication and enable identification of issues pertaining to the production or use of the graphics pipeline.
•    Clearly communicate updates and concerns to their manager.
•    Actively maintain skill-set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry.

•    Strong C++ programming and debugging experience.
•    Good 3D math skills.
•    Self-motivated and passionate about computer graphics.
•    Thorough understanding of basic graphics techniques such as lighting, shadow mapping, light mapping, anti-aliasing, skinning, etc.
•    Knowledge of industry standard shading languages such as HLSL and Cg.
•    Capable of conveying a range of complex technical issues to both programmers and other less technical team members.
•    Understanding of complex relationship between written code and its execution on underlying hardware.
•    BS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience.

•    Experience with Unreal Engine 3.
•    Ability to optimize code (memory/speed) to maximize the capabilities of each platform.
•    In-depth knowledge of, and ability to improve upon, modern rendering techniques.
•    Able and motivated to work with other team members.

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