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Gamasutra Member Blogs: From Improving Security To Crafting Surprises

In highlights from <a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/member/">Gamasutra's Member Blogs</a>, our bloggers write about diverse topics, including security measures for online services and how to write effective plot twists.

Tom Curtis, Blogger

May 3, 2011

1 Min Read

[In highlights from Gamasutra's Member Blogs, our bloggers write about diverse topics, including security measures for online services and how to write effective plot twists.] Member Blogs can be maintained by any registered Gamasutra user, while invitation-only Expert Blogs -- also highlighted weekly -- are written by selected development professionals. We hope that our blog sections can provide useful and interesting viewpoints on our industry. For more information, check out the official posting guidelines. Here are the top member blogs for the week: This Week's Standout Member Blogs - Protect Your User's Login Details, Please! (Roger Hagensen) In the wake of the PlayStation network security breach, Roger Hagensen outlines several ways in which companies can help protect their users' login information. - Viewer Discretion Is Advised (Rebecca Phoa) Rebecca Phoa reflects upon game content within the larger context of society, wondering why games don't push boundaries as often as other media, such as print or film. - Born To Immerse - Stories In Games And Folklore (Tora Teig) Looking back on the past several hundred years of human storytelling, Tora Teig asserts that games shouldn't always have to tell stories in the same way, but should aspire to realize the potential inherent in interactive media. - Whither the Wii 2? (Jamie Mann) Jamie Mann examines Nintendo's previous strategies for new hardware, offering predictions for what the company could have in store for its next major console. - Storytelling Tips: How To Plan Big Plot Twists In 4 Steps (Guy Hasson) In his second post on improving storytelling in games, Guy Hasson lists four tips to help developers weave effective plot twists into a game's narrative.

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Tom Curtis


Tom Curtis is Associate Content Manager for Gamasutra and the UBM TechWeb Game Network. Prior to joining Gamasutra full-time, he served as the site's editorial intern while earning a degree in Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

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