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Wildermyth developer Worldwalker Games entering 'hibernation'

'Nobody is shutting us down. We are going into hibernation because we're done with this project.'

Chris Kerr, News Editor

May 30, 2024

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A screenshot from Wildermyth showing a party in combat
Image via Worldwalker Games

Wildermyth developer Worldwalker Games is going into "hibernation" after wrapping production on the storytelling RPG.

Worldwalker co-owner Nate Austin explained a number of team members will be departing while the studio beds down for the long nap, but noted the move won't impact plans to bring the title to other platforms.

Layoffs and studio closures have dominated the news cycle over the past year, but Austin said Worldwalker simply achieved what it set out to do.

Wildermyth's journey at an end

"Wildermyth has been a wonderful journey for us, but that journey has now come to an end. We feel proud of what we've accomplished and lucky to have an incredible team and an amazing community. And it's never fun to bring something to an end, but sadly this is that time," reads a studio update posted on X.

"Active development on Wildermyth is complete. We will continue to support the game and fix critical bugs, but don't expect new content going forward. We will be saying farewell to many of our team members. Worldwalker Games is going into hibernation for now."

The Wildermyth soundtrack Kickstarter will be unaffected by the hiatus, and Worldwalker still intends to integrate live recordings into the game. French and Spanish translations for the Omenroad expansion are also due to be completed, while social channels, support emails, and the merch store will remain active.

"Wildermyth has been wonderful but nothing goes on forever," continued the studio. "We wanted to ship Omenroad, and having done that, we're ready to move on. This was the plan, and it doesn't have anything to do with how well Omenroad is doing. (It's doing well! We're extremely proud of it).

"We're an independent studio, which means we're not answerable to investors. Nobody is shutting us down. We are going into hibernation because we're done with this project."

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