Video: Deconstructing the art design of Dragon Age: Inquisition

At GDC 2015 BioWare's Neil Thompson delivers a frank talk about the inspiration behind the art direction of the company's critically acclaimed Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What's the common link between European artists coming to grips with the challenges of realistic oil painting during the Northern Renaissance and BioWare artists learning to master EA's Frostbite engine tech?

At GDC 2015 BioWare's Neil Thompson tried to shine a light on their similarities during a talk about the inspiration behind the art direction of the company's critically acclaimed game Dragon Age: Inquisition

Even if you've never played the game, his talk is worth checking out because it highlights how game artists and animators can pull meaningful lessons and inspirations from all sorts of media: film, photography, architecture, and the like. 

It's a visually resplendent presentation that's worth watching, and you can now do so for free via the GDC Vault's official YouTube channel.

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