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Machine learning was used to sync subtitles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Sony continues to hype AI and machine learning tech as a means to reduce development costs and streamline production.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

May 24, 2024

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Miles charging his venom blast power in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac

Sony is convinced machine learning and AI can be used to streamline development, and revealed it already leveraged the tech when developing Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

The PlayStation maker shared the tidbit during a recent corporate strategy meeting where it outlined its long-term "Creative Entertainment Vision."

The Japanese company said its 10-year plan will revolve around harnessing technology to "unleash the creativity of creators," connecting diverse people and values to "foster vibrant communities," and creating new experiences that "go beyond imagination."

AI and machine learning to "support IP value maximization"

The company didn't specify which new technologies it's hoping to deploy, but noted it's already using AI tech and machine learning to "support IP value maximization." What does that mean in practice? Sony claims it's about finding new solutions to existing problems so franchises can be "delivered rapidly and at a low cost."

Throwing out an example of that philosophy in action, Sony explained Marvel's Spider-Man 2 developer Insomniac Games recently "utilized machine learning and applied original voice recognition software specialized for gaming" to enable the automatic synchronization of subtitles in certain languages. It's claimed the technique "significantly" shortened the subtitling process by making it easier to sync subs with character dialogue.

There's been plenty of AI chatter at Sony this week. Naughty Dog studio head Neil Druckmann advocated for the tech in an interview published on the company website and claimed it could "revolutionize" development and enable studios to "take on more adventurous projects and push the boundaries of storytelling in games."

He said AI tools could reduce costs and clear technical hurdles for developers, unlocking their creativity in the process. "With AI, your creativity sets the limits. Understanding art history, composition, and storytelling is essential for effective direction. Tools evolve quickly—Some tools once essential, now are obsolete," he continued.

"At Naughty Dog, we transitioned from hand-animating Jak and Daxter to using motion capture in Uncharted, significantly enhancing our storytelling."

Sony isn't the first video game company to hype AI tech. Other major players like EA and Microsoft are pushing the technology, claiming it'll be a tool that empowers creatives across the industry while lowering costs. Some developers, however, are concerned that wielding AI (specifically the generative variety) as a cost-cutting device will invariably mean layoffs and downsizing.  

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