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Get a job: Schell games is hiring a Game Producer 3

Schell Games is looking for a Game Producer to join it in developing VR and AR games, location-based based experiences, and social games.

September 28, 2017

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Game ProducerSchell Games

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Schell Games is a highly talented group of artists, programmers, producers, and game designers led by game industry veteran Jesse Schell.  We're the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States.  Since 2002, we've worked with world-class clients and partners to create interactive experiences that engage and inspire players of all ages across all platforms.  Presently, we are focused virtual reality, augmented reality, location-based experiences, and social games.

Do you like to work on innovative projects in a motivating, friendly atmosphere? Would you agree that games can engage and inspire?

If you answered "YES!" to both questions, you might be a fit for our studio!  


Our production staff works together with the team to ensure our projects are on time and on budget. We value an iterative process, transparency among team members and clients, and embracing change at any point in development. Above all else, producers clear roadblocks so team members can focus on their craft. 

At Schell Games, we’re all about amazing things: teams, fun, and transformation; and now we’re searching for an Amazing Game Producer!  Read on to see if your version of “Amazing” aligns with ours:

You're passionate about game production and leadership. You'd like to work at our fun, vibrant, creative studio (we have lots of windows and 45' high ceilings too)!  You're tired of the typical game studio scene and want to face new challenges like theme park rides, games for kids too young to read, and hard core space shooters.  Yup, we do all of that.

In order to lead our Amazing Teams, you'll need to be both diplomatic and kind.  Someone we'd have a root beer or try a new restaurant with, but who is also confident in front of clients, and able to explain phrases such as, "Only one thing can be highest priority," and "Let's figure out how to make this happen."  Your attitude toward work is first class and you believe "impossible is nothing".  No tasks are below you.  You are here to help the team in whatever way you can - no shoulder chips allowed.

If this sounds like you, you might be able to bring the perfect balance of Amazing Fun and organization to our project team dynamics: you were the one in middle school who organized flashlight tag.  You are the one who splits the bill after dinner with friends.  You live to plan but know that the best plans are the most flexible ones.  We'll want you to think big, we'll want you to think small, and sometimes we'll want you to stop thinking and get stuff done.

If you're the type of person who lies awake at night thinking of how to optimize the feature request workflow, how to maximize your team’s happiness, and how the man who drives a snowplow drives TO the snowplow, it’s a good bet that Amazing Transformation is part of your focus.  We'll partner you with awesome developers - people who share your passion for games that transform people, or are just plain fun.  We'll want you to win awards together, have a great time building amazing experiences, and become friends.  Trust doesn't come without friendship.

You'll find as a studio, we're committed to improving.  You'll either love it or hate it, but who hates trying?

We realize good things come to those who wait, but get in touch as soon as you can.  We really are busy right now and could use your help.  If you're an experienced producer and like the cut of our jib, click that little "Apply Now" button and tell us a bit about why you would be an Amazing Producer here at Schell Games.

And now to the nuts and bolts, Minimum Requirements:

  • 1+ years of management experience in game, software, and /or location-based experience development

  • A minimum of one shipped title (or project)

Interested? Apply now.

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