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Dwarven astronauts in the Stone Universe

An indie real-time tactics game from Kiev, Ukraine called "We Are the Dwarves!" launched on Kickstarter. It's developing for PC and Mac and tells about three dwarfs searching for the Stars in a Stone Universe.


On 24 June the Kickstarter campaign for "We Are the Dwarves" started. It's the game developing at Whale Rock Games - a small indie studio where I work. 
So I wanted for the world to know about this game and here's a short description:

"We Are the Dwarves!" is an addicting gameplay game with unique setting and story. Opposite to the real Universe we know, everything is inverted here: the void is replaced by unlimited Eternal stone, while life is possible only in rare hollows. All life forms in this Stone Universe are gathered around the Stars – magical giant crystals, which give light and warmth. The Stars also able to change basic physical features of the world around them, e.g. gravitation or time scaling.

Dwarves - this is just a race among others, being at the edge of extinction, because the Stars mystically go out. Forcer, Smashfist and Shadow are the only survivors of a drilling starship expedition, and their mission is to find a new Star for the dwarven folk. The accident brought them to the unknown part of the Stone Universe, pushing into dangerous circumstances, but that’s where the adventure begins! Dwarves are going to meet other small civilizations and ancient monsters from the deep layers of the Eternal Stone. Some of them are dangerous enemies to each other and this plays to our dwarves hands.


  • Single-player game where you control three dwarves team, each of them having their own set of exclusive skills;
  • Active game pause mode, for better setting of tactic moves - just stop the game and command your dwarves what to do, and watch them performing when you release the game;
  • You can create the sequence of actions for all three characters in the same time (stack of commands);
  • Depending on what you want from the level, you can play in the style of slasher or think through stealth tactics. That will bring fun in replaying the levels;
  • The creatures living in the world of the Eternal Stone can not only communicate with each other, they have senses to see, hear or smell your trace, which makes it harder for you to stay unnoticed.

About the game already wrote:
"We Are The Dwarves is brimming with potential and I haven’t even mentioned that one of the dwarves may well be an owl disguised as a dwarf. Do take a look." - Adam Smith, ROCK, PAPER, SHOTGUN
"And let’s face it, who doesn’t like Dwarves?" - Amario Andre, Gamer Headlines


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