Enter the Gungeon DLC canceled, devs to focus on new game instead

Dodge Roll, the studio behind Enter the Gungeon, announced earlier today that it will no longer be continuing development on a paid expansion for the game, focusing on new endeavors instead.

Dodge Roll, the studio behind Enter the Gungeon, announced earlier today that it will no longer be continuing development on a paid expansion for the bullet hell game, choosing to focus on new endeavors instead. 

According to a post made to the Enter the Gungeon Reddit page, the studio explained how developing the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns expansion (which was released over the summer after numerous delays) took a toll on the team.

"The wear on our team was so strong that we discussed canceling Advanced Gungeons & Draguns multiple times during its development," Dodge Roll explained, "or taking a year off after its release."

It seems that creating another expansion would have been more trouble than it's worth, especially since Dodge Roll expressed that the team would rather not go through the same experience again. 

"The short version is: we have been working on Gungeon for nearly five years now and from both a technical and a creativity standpoint, we need to move on," the studio said. 

"We have learned so many things about making games that are just impossible to put into practice in Gungeon (without rebuilding the entire game), and honestly, we're just more excited about putting these ideas into practice in a new game."

"For the reasons outlined above," Dodge Roll added, "we have chosen to cease development of the planned paid expansion and instead deliver a smaller, free and final update."

Instead, the studio is working on a free final update focusing on fixing bugs and performance issues and will feature a new character who starts with random equipment, new guns, and items (alongside some unannounced smaller features).

What's next for the studio? Working on something completely new. "After much debate and many ideas thrown around, we believe we have finally decided on a new game to spend the next few years of our lives on," the studio revealed. "It is at an incredibly, incredibly early stage, so we can’t say much but the designs are coming together."

The entire post by Dodge Roll can be read here

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