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Mobile title goes above and Beyoncé with 'Destiny Child' collab.

August 4, 2022

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Super Planet |

Super Planet’s Fantasy AFK RPG <Zio and the Magic Scrolls> is celebrating its 1.5 million downloads with a special collaboration with <Destiny Child>! The collaboration events will be happening alongside a huge update. Shall we find out what makes this collaboration so special?

The Destiny Child characters are coming! (feat Mona, Lisa and Davi)         
SHIFT UP’s Mobile Narrative CCG <Destiny Child> is a popular game that allows the players to play strategically using ‘child’ characters, centering on the adventures of the Archdemon candidate and his succubi.
Through this collaboration, ‘Mona’, ‘Lisa’ and ‘Davi’ will appear as new S-class heroes in <Zio and the Magic Scrolls>. The sexy succubi leader ‘Mona’, the brain of the group ‘Lisa’ and the mascot of Destiny Child ‘Davi’ are already gathering the interest of users from all over the world and said users will be able to acquire these limited edition characters through the ‘Illusion Rotation’ PickUP Event that will be held only during the collaboration period.

A collaborative story in the Collaboration Dungeon: The Succubi are coming to the Overlapping World…!
During the collaboration period, an Event Dungeon will open! In there, the players will be able to experience the story of the meeting and separation of the three succubi who fell into the Overlapping World, Zio and his colleagues. They will also have to collect ‘Mona cookies’ by clearing the dungeon and use them to obtain rewards such as the collaboration characters and equipment. Additional rewards will also be given by participating in the attendance events.
The collaboration story will be available only for a short period of time so anyone interested should check it out as soon as possible!

Addition of the ‘Illusion’ type and equipment system update
In addition to the collaboration, <Zio and the Magic Scrolls> is having a large-scale update to improve the playing experience of its users. After the Gods, Demons, Humans and Transcended heroes, the ‘Illusion’ heroes will be added as a 5th type and these heroes will only appear during the collaboration period. In addition, SS-Rank equipment with special abilities that will not be affected by the series will also be added to help the players develop even more powerful heroes.
The ambitious collaboration between <Zio and the Magic Scrolls> and <Destiny Child> will be held for about a month in August. More details, events and update information can be found on the official community. (https://discord.gg/xkcrwwrfDT)

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