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Wildchain Launches Alpha Version of Eco-Gaming Experience — Play Now to Test!

Alpha version of eco-friendly mobile title wants your carbon neutral presence.

October 31, 2023

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Wildchain | Wildchain is thrilled to announce the official release of its Alpha version, available for download and immediate play-testing.

Wildchain invites gamers, wildlife enthusiasts, and eco-advocates worldwide to become First Explorers by downloading and testing the Alpha version. As a part of this exclusive phase, players will directly impact shaping the game’s future by providing invaluable feedback and influencing its development. It should be emphasized that the Alpha version of the game is not the final or official release; it serves as a testing phase.

The Wildchain Alpha Version transports players to a virtual realm where they can explore the beauty of the African Savanna, interact with wildlife, and make a real-world impact just by playing. Wildchain blends gaming with the real-world significance of protecting our planet’s biodiversity.


“We’re excited to unveil the Wildchain Alpha Version, and we want players to join us in this extraordinary experience. Gaming has the potential to drive meaningful change, and together, we can use it as a force for positive impact on our planet.” — Florian Rehm, Executive Director at Wildchain

Key Features of the Wildchain Alpha Version:

  • Support conservation and make a real-world impact just by playing. 💚

  • Captivating core gameplay loop centered around wildlife conservation. 🐆

  • Each animal in-game represents a real animal in the wild. 🦒

  • Breathtaking Savanna environments and habitats. 🌎

  • Opportunities for players to learn about the different species in the Savanna. 💭

  • A vibrant community where players can connect and share their passion for conservation and wildlife. 🤝

  • No ads: you can earn rewards by playing and caring for your habitat and animals. 🐾

  • Regular game updates and new game features will be added along the way. 🆙

How to play test Wildchain

To join the Wildchain Alpha Test and experience the future of sustainability gaming, download the game now from the App Store and Google Play Store. Together, we can transform gaming into a force for positive change.

Please join Wildchain’s Discord to report any bugs or give feedback.

About Wildchain

Wildchain is on a mission to gamify conservation with climate-action tools for a more sustainable world. Through innovative gameplay and a steadfast commitment to environmental awareness, Wildchain allows everyone to make a real-world impact with just their phone.

More Wildchain:


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