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“Fool’s Gold”, the second single from OFK’s EP, out today as well!
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LOS ANGELES, AUGUST 18, 2022 - Indie-pop band OFK & crew are happy to announce that the first two episodes of their interactive series, We Are OFK, are available today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the Epic Games Store, and Steam for $19.99 USD, with an additional 10% off launch discount for a limited time. That’s not all! OFK are also proud to present “Fool’s Gold”, the second single from their upcoming EP released under Sony Music Masterworks, available now on all major music streaming platforms.

Listen to “Fool’s Gold” the second single from OFK’s EP

The cast of We Are OFK is led by Ally Maki (Toy Story 4, Dear White People) as the heartfelt and sometimes chaotic Itsumi Saitō on keyboard, Syhaya Aviel (The Circle, Vinyl) as the cool and insightful Carter Flores who provides visuals for the band, Fiona Rene (I Know What You Did Last Summer, ABC’s Stumptown) as the powerful music wizard Jey Zhang who is OFK’s producer, and We Are OFK’s Creative Director Teddy Dief is the romantic eccentric Luca Le Fae - the vocalist.

The following remaining three episodes of We Are OFK will be released weekly and players who purchase the game will receive each new episode as an update to their game. With each remaining new episode, a new single from the band’s EP will also be released.

Remaining schedule:
Episode 3: August 25
Episode 4: September 1
Episode 5: September 8  

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Reviewer note: We Are OFK takes around 5 hours to complete.  

Pre-orders for the iam8bit physical editions of We Are OFK and the game’s 2xLP vinyl available for purchase on iam8bit’s website.  

About We are OFK
We Are OFK follows the lives of four friends in their 20s as they attempt to break into the music business, fall in and out of love, and figure out how to pay rent and make art in Los Angeles.
  • 5 Episodes of the interactive animated series
  • 5 Interactive Music Videos: with debut tracks performed by OFK
  • Fully-voiced interactive dialogue from a star-studded cast
  • Emotional texting, thirst texting, meme texting, emoji spamming
  • Original Los Angeles locations. You're gonna love the boba shop it's wild
For more information on Team OFK, visit Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

For special interview requests or any other requests, get in touch with [email protected]
For screenshots, key art, gifs and trailer, you can find the press kit here.
You can find the physical edition press kit here.

Find the game on Steam.
Find the game on PlayStation.
Find the game on eShop.
Pre-order the physical Nintendo Switch edition.
Pre-order the physical PS5 edition.

Listen to their first single, Follow/Unfollow:

About Team OFK
Team OFK is a group of supportive and brilliant freelancers creatively led by co-designer of the award-winning Hyper Light Drifter, Teddy Dief. This all-star team has assembled talents from across the gaming, tv/film, and music industries, including Art Director Jenny Yu (Carmen Sandiego, Netflix), Screenwriter Claire Jia (Fresh Off the Boat, ABC), Songwriters & Music Producers Luna Shadows & Thomas Powers (The Naked and Famous), Producer Mikayla Foote, Co-Art Director Nafisah Tung, and Composer Omniboi. After they received funding from Kowloon Nights in 2018, Team OFK announced their debut project in 2019 under a mysterious emoji codename. In December 2020, Team OFK debuted We Are OFK, during The Game Awards alongside their debut single, "Follow/Unfollow".

About iam8bit
Founded in 2005, iam8bit is a creative production emporium that has quietly redefined the entertainment industry, time and time again. Collaborating with a plethora of partners and narrative-busting IPs, iam8bit punctuates the importance of engaging with fans directly. By creating the video game industry's very first community events, the company injected the idea of experiential immersion into game and film marketing (back when it was simply known as "theatre"). iam8bit also played a crucial role in the vinyl renaissance, minting its first record in 2010, and is the industry leader in premium physical editions of top-tier games. In 2020, iam8bit evolved into financing and publishing games, with several yet-to-be-announced PC, console and tabletop games on the horizon. The company is based in Los Angeles and co-owned/co-creatively directed by Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White. Visit or follow @iam8bit on Instagram or Twitter.

[email protected]

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