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VR Powerwashing Multiplayer Playground “Under Pressure” is out on Steam Early Access

Early Access phase begins.

October 25, 2023

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Antibore |

Zurich, October 26th 2023

Put on your washing (VR) goggles and set pressure to max as Under Pressure releases into Early Access today!

After more than a year of development, Antibore released their VR game “Under Pressure”. The multiplayer game offers a variety of Pressure Washer driven gameplay and is available as a free Early Access version on Steam as of today.

You can find Under Pressure on Steam and watch the Trailer on Youtube.

Players will find a variety of features, including:

  • Multiplayer-First Pressure Washing in all its glory

  • Import and clean an unlimited variety of items with the Sketchfab Implementation

  • (Ab)use your power washers to play volleyball, soccer or clean the dog

  • Use the OP power washer to fly and explore a whole pressure washer playground

  • Unlockable hats and power washer upgrades

Bring your friends to clean objects together or soar through the skies using a variety of water guns with various power levels. Throw cleaning bombs to quickly clean huge items, give bulldogs a refreshing scrub and earn coins to unlock new areas, new power washers or fancy hats in Antibore’s freshly released title.

It’s an intense feeling," says one of Antibore’s designers, “knowing how it started out as a cleaning experience in VR and now it’s out there with all this crazy and weird stuff we've ended up packing in it”. He proceeds to explain that “for the team, it quickly became this experiment to do all kinds of out-there mechanics and things with it. Now that it is released, we are really looking forward to players getting together in this playground and pushing the gameplay to its boundaries.”

About Antibore

Antibore is the game dev branch of the Swiss VR/AR agency Ateo. The company has been developing mixed reality applications since 2013 and is based in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. The passionate team of designers, developers and artists creates stunning experiences with cutting edge technology.

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