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VALOFE Opens New Servers ICARUS M: GUILD WAR with Passionate User Support

Community celebrates wildly as new servers opened.

October 24, 2023

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Icarus M: Guild War, a P&E mobile MMORPG by VALOFE, continues to gain momentum with the launch of its official iOS service and the opening of new servers.

'Icarus M: Guild Wars' stands as a blockchain-driven mobile MMORPG built upon the foundation of 'Icarus M,' originally developed by WEMADE and subsequently republished by VALOFE. After joining the 'WEMIX' platform in July of the previous year, the game has officially released globally on August 23rd, August 23rd, excluding regions like Korea, Singapore, and China, following a phase of pre-registration and pre-character creation.

VALOFE has introduced five games via the 'WEMIX' blockchain platform, and the associated in-game tokens include RIA, BLZ, WSC, and NCC. The specific token designated for the inclusion of 'Icarus M: Guild Wars' is VEL.

ICARUS M: GUILD WAR has garnered significant interest from players and enthusiasts since its inception. The token price has surged by over 18 times since its initial release, and the concurrent user count continues to climb steadily. Furthermore, it has secured the third position in the popularity rankings among WEMIX onboarding games, trailing only the MIR series. This remarkable ascent has drawn the attention of global players and enthusiasts in the P&E gaming community.

Thanks to the unwavering support from our dedicated users, the company officially launched the iOS service and introduced a new server for new players on October 18th. To commemorate the official iOS launch and the opening of the new server, VALOFE organized an airdrop promotion, distributing 100,000 WEMIX coins. More than 20,000 gamers from around the world participated in the pre-registration, making it a resounding success.

Drawing on the experience gained from servicing five distinct blockchain games thus far, VALOFE has declared, "We are actively engaged in multiple initiatives aimed at crafting a resilient and engaging token economy that will cater to the needs of both current game users and P&E enthusiasts." The company is also in the process of developing NFT services to ensure stable token prices and enhance game promotion, with a commitment to maintaining its partnership with WEMADE.

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