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upjers is immersed in the Halloween swamp

Extraordinary events for the scary festival

October 23, 2023

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upjers | Bamberg, October 23,2023. What starts with a few carved pumpkins quickly turns into a spooky orgy: Halloween fever is sweeping toupjers (https://en.upjers.com/) games. The developer and publisher of popular online games not only bringseven more variety, but also new animals and items to theirgames.

Players first find themselves in aswamp. To get hold of the new event dinosaurs in Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/dinosaur-park-primeval-zoo), they need will-o'-the-wisp decorations for the Halloween event. Those decosblend in especially well with the new "swamp" terrain. Periodically they drop pumpkins, which can be traded for a Bajadasaurus or Holmesina in gray.

  • Event period:Oct. 24 - Oct. 31 at noon CET

Zoo 2: Animal Park (https://en.upjers.com/zoo-2-animal-park) is also true to the motto: Swamp is trump. Event decorations such as root hands, fluorescent mushrooms, or swamp lanternsmake the blood run cold. Theseitems also drop pumpkins so that players can look forward to a reticulated python, a witch's tree house, and other rewards.

  • Event period:Oct. 25- Nov. 1 at noon CET

The "Fair of Horror" opens its doorsin Molehill Empire2 (https://en.upjers.com/molehill-empire-2) during Halloween. Who dares to go past the scary circus director or jump into the ball pool with ahungry shark? A surprise chestbeckons as the main reward – guaranteed only treatswithout anytricks...

  • Event period:Oct. 23- Nov. 5

No need to be afraid of the Venus flytrap in My Free Farm 2 (https://en.upjers.com/my-free-farm-2)! Itgrowson many fields duringHalloween. Harvested diligently, this plants can provide players withtools, diamonds, and the special decoration "Venus flytrap with garden gnome".

  • Event period:Oct. 24- Oct. 31 at noon CET

What happened to the animalsin My Little Farmies (https://en.upjers.com/my-little-farmies) ?! They haunt the medieval farm duringthe Halloween event. Zombie goats, witch cows, and Dracula cats rewardplayers with witch hats. The more the merrier, because in the end rewards like the "MysticalPond" await.

  • Event period:Oct. 24 (11 am CEST)- Oct. 31 (10:59 am CET)

According to old Irish tradition, My Free Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/my-free-zoo) does not celebrate Halloween, but the original: Samhain. Forest fairies, mystical crystals, and mossy decorations put the browser zoo in the perfectspooky ambiance. The gray fox is a new event animal.

  • Event period:Oct. 25 (11 am CEST)- Nov. 1 (10:59 am CET)

Further upjers Halloween events summed up:

Kapi Hospital:Halloween patients are haunting your hospital!

  • Event period:Oct. 24 - Oct. 31

  • Rewards: Item “Additional Shift” for the treasure chest, treatment buff, and much more

My Free Farm: Candy bombs against alien invasion

  • Event period:Oct. 24(10am CEST)- Nov. 6(11:59 pm CET)

  • Rewards: Points power ups, shadowbox items, farmhouse decos, and much more

Molehill Empire: Tailor your own Halloween costumes

  • Event period:Oct. 24(11am CEST)- Nov. 6(11:59 pm CET)

  • Rewards: Shadowbox items, 1.5 % points (can be redeemed once per day)

MyFreeZoo Mobile: Visit the magical fairy tale forest

  • Event period:Oct. 24 - Oct. 31 at 9:59 am CET

  • Rewards: Bat and common raven

Horse Farm: Gallop to creepy festival

  • Event period: Oct. 25 (noon CEST) – Oct. 31 (11:59 pm CET)

  • Rewards:Pumpkin deco with horse head carving, blazing red Knabstrupper Level 2

Uptasia: Hidden objects trick or treat

  • Event period:Oct. 26- Oct. 31

  • Rewards: ghost cat, ghost family, ghost cabin, Ghost Bianca


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upjers (en.upjers.com) proves that the dream of turning a hobby project into a successful developer studio can become reality. The game developer has become one of the leading designersand publishers of browser games as well as app games in Germany and occupiesmore than 120 employees intheir companyin Bamberg. More than 100 million of players from all over the world have registered for upjers games – plus there have been more than 20 million upjers app downloads. Games made by upjers can also be found in Steam and Amazon, the variety of the game genres goes from tycoon games to business simulations to strategy games.

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