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Terraform planets and use their environment against your enemies in solo, co-op or PVP battles

July 27, 2022

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Author: Gamera Game

R-Next and Gamera Games announce that its twin stick shooter Aniquilation is now available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 / €12,99. Play solo, in couch co-op or in PVP battles in a hectic title that will challenge you to use the environment as a weapon. Each planet featured in more than 30 levels has a different flavor, making each one of them feel unique. Terraform planets, upgrade your ship and find the ultimate weapon, the Aniquilation, to finally solve a mystery that almost led your civilization to extinction. You can watch Aniquilation's trailer below.
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The IQ metal, the energy source that powered your civilization, has vanished and you need to find an alternative through the galaxy. But things don't go as expected. Traveling through the universe you will find out that the IQ metal isn't as good as you believed. Instead, you will hear about the ultimate weapon, one called Aniquilation, that could help your species forever.
Aniquilation lets players engage in a 3D twin stick shooter that will allow them to use the environment as a weapon. Terraform some planets; use their buildings, elements, and infrastructures as weapons; unlock and upgrade new ships with different skills and abilities as you move forward. Aniquilation also features five different game modes that can be played alone or with friends.

  • Enjoy a hectic twin stick shooter for more than 30 levels

  • Use the environment in creative ways to destroy your enemies: throw or reflect elements on the surface to clear the surface of any threat

  • Play solo or with friends in five game modes: story, defend the base (protect your bases and destroy your enemy's), goal (score more goals than your opponent), contagion (the player that spends less time infected wins) and free for all (finish your rival and its buildings)

  • Choose between different ships, each with its unique set of abilities and skills. Unlock and upgrade new ships as you move forward 

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Gamera Games is publisher founded in 2018 based in Shanghai and Tokyo. Focused on providing publishing services for indie games, the team aims to help game developers as their sidekicks, and because of that, it has established friendly relations with dozens of indie developers from all over the world. Among the games they have published you can find the recent success Dyson Sphere Program. Get in touch with us at http://www.gameragames.com and follow us on Twitter!

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