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Build and manage train infrastructures along 200 years of history

July 27, 2022

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Author: BlitWorks

Barcelona, Spain. 27 of July, 2022 - BlitWorks Games is happy to announce that Train Valley - Console Edition (trailer | press kit) is out today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles at a price of 11.99 USD | EUR. This is the ultimate version of the first installment of the praised train traffic management series that has been receiving fantastic user reviews on Steam, as it has been constant updates and improvements since it first launched on PC. Players will go through campaigns in Europe, Americas, Japan, the URSS and this edition also includes the German DLC, that starts with the I World War and goes to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the modern Frankfurt Airport.

"Train Valley was a significant milestone for our studio. First, because it was the first "serious" game for PC. Secondly, because we tried our hand at self-publishing on Steam with all that implied: trailers, marketing, business development, community building, and a million other little things" - Alexey Davydov (co-Founder at Flazm)




  • Build railroads in order to connect cities, tunnels and bridges. New railways are cheap when laid across bare fields, but can be expensive when demolishing forests, villages and other existing structures.

  • Manage increasing traffic by constructing switches, sidings and spurs so that multiple trains can run without delays, at the same time.

  • Stay accident-free by precisely controlling trains during crucial moments, using pause for planning (you can build railways and schedule trains while on pause).

  • Play through 5 seasons: Europe (1830–1980), America (1840–1960), USSR (1880–1980), Japan (1900–2020) and Germany (1830-2020).

  • Complete the story mode featuring such real-life events as the Gold Rush of 1849, the construction of the Florida Overseas Railroad, World War II, the Cold War, the launch of the first manned space flight Vostok 1, the fall of the Berlin Wall and more.

  • Explore the game in different game modes: in story mode (5-10 minutes), in random mode (15-20 minutes – the level looks and develops differently every time you launch) or in sandbox-like mode (can be turned on for both story and random modes. It allows you to play without time and money limits).

  • Discover 30 types of trains – from early steam-powered locomotives to modern high-speed trains, driving 18 types of cars – from old-time passenger cars to hoppers and cisterns and to military-use tank and gun platforms.

Extra Resources:

  • Train Valley - Console Edition console launch trailer: LINK

Flazm Interactive Entertainment is an independent studio founded in 2010 by 3 people and based in Vilnius (Lithuania). The main focus of the studio was web games development. Over the last 5 years Flazm has created more than 30 games, including such popular titles as Truck Loader, Train Valley 1 & 2, Bob the Robber and Money Movers, which were played more than 1 billion times. For more information and updates about Flazm please visit www.flazm.com and follow @flazm.


BlitWorks Games is a publisher based in Spain that has an extensive experience and focuses on porting and publishing PC premium games on consoles, the company started in 2012, when they were hired by SEGA to port Sonic CD and Jet Set Radio thanks to their previous work developing emulators as a hobby for their systems. During the last years BlitWorks ported and published console versions of indie games like the acclaimed beat'em up Fight'N Rage, Heroes of Hammerwatch: Ultimate Edition and more recently Vagante and Slipstream. For more information and updates about BlitWorks please visit www.blitworks.com and follow @BlitWorks.

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