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Tower of Kalemonvo takes hack n slash ARPGs back to their roots

ARPG hacks and slashes at the competition in Q3 '24.

October 1, 2023

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2 Left Thumbs |

From solo developer, osur, Tower of Kalemonvo is designed for veterans of older Action RPGs - following the slower pace seen in genre-defining classics like Diablo 1 and Throne of Darkness. You alone must climb the Tower and reach the top. Defeat wicked foes, gather whatever loot you can find, and tread lightly - as every encounter could be your last! The fate of your realm hangs in the balance.

Trailer ► https://youtu.be/hupo1FcZ_LE

  Key Features:


  • Randomly generated dungeons

  • Classless character progression and customization

  • Deep itemization

  • Unique Combat Art system

  • Brutal difficulty, where every skirmish is life and death

  • Gothic setting

  There is a Free Demo on Steam now! Be sure to add it to your Wishlists.



A Free Demo is available on Steam, and is actively being updated.
We are currently targeting a Q3 2024 release.
Published by 2 Left Thumbs




Journalists interested in further information or a Steam key for an exclusive preview-build may contact Graeme from 2 Left Thumbs by emailing [email protected], along with their credentials and channel links for verification.


Website ► https://2leftthumbs.manakeep.com/tower-of-kalemonvo

Discord ► https://discord.gg/TFeZ2NxK8n

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/kalemonvo

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