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Meet and find out a bit about the main protagonists in the upcoming indie game, Through the Kill-Screen, by James K. Isaac.

Name: Leon
Class: Wild Barbarian

Weapon: Pocketful of Rocks

Leon is a mischievous boy, full of boundless energy and imagination. Ferociously loyal to his friends, especially his best friend Gary, Leon is brave and daring. KEEP CLEAR, WET PAINT signs are an affront and challenge to his freedom-loving spirit. Skilled with computer games, Leon much prefers the rough and tumble of boisterous, full-contact real-life outside play. At times impatient and reckless, he needs to calm down and hold back his attempts to make everything a quest or else will face increasingly severe consequences in the adult-run world.


Name: Gary

Class: Awesome Fire Wizard

Weapon: Magnifying Glass

Gary is a fun-loving boy who possesses a wide sensible streak. He knows how far to push the boundaries in terms of fun, but has restraint enough to call an end to mischief when it has gone too far. Best friends with Leon, Gary enjoys the adventures created by his friend's imagination. However, he is often wary of the tongue-lashing awaiting him at home from his strict mum after calls from annoyed neighbours or school teachers. Gary's high-moral character makes him an asset in navigating through the social dilemmas posed by grown-ups, though sometimes he can be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud.


Name: Zara

Class: Annoyer First Class

Weapon: Blabbermouth

Zara is a perpetually happy girl, in the year below Leon and Gary at Snoring School. In constant wonderment of the world, she skips along as if in a never-ending dream. She adores Mini Horses, the famous, multi-coloured pony toys, which have given her an amazing empathy for most animals. Fascinated with Leon's adventurous spirit, Zara wishes for nothing more than to be allowed to join in with his quests. Armed with an infinite supply of telling-offs and lectures for those of naughtier inclinations, Zara can be VERY annoying. Though her wide-eyed innocence and sheer tenacity are infectious.


Name: Eugene

Class: Oracle of Chromium Joysticks

Weapon: Chromium Joystick +99

Eugene is an ambidextrous, mathematics and computing genius. More so, what he doesn't know about the Solar System isn't worth knowing. Wearing 3D glasses, which he believes allow him to see the 'real world,' Eugene operates beyond the comprehension of his classmates. This is often taken as emotional coldness. Eugene sees little point in extolling the virtues of good or naughty behaviour, both are just an interchangeable means to an end of whatever grand scheme he may be plotting. Eugene's older brother, the martial arts obsessed Dan Van, can often be found in the local Corner's store, practising flying kicks.


Name: Nigel

Class: Poker Sniper

Weapon: Finger Pokes

Nigel is missing! If he wasn't missing though, Nigel would be part of Leon's and Gary's questing party. A good-natured, though anxious and over-sensitive boy, Nigel is mollycoddled by his mum. Intelligent, though less adventurous than his peers, his favourite thing is to play computer games. Indeed, Nigel may be the best at computer games in the whole of Snoring Town. Leon and Gary are often in awe of his feats when playing Space Pests or Hungry Koala. A cat-lover, Nigel is very empathetic to others' suffering. He is most famous for his legendary feat of going 'OVER THE WALL.'

Through the Kill Screen is out on April 20th, 2022, available from Steam.

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