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The R2Games Halloween Event Breakdown – Happy Haunting, Gamers!

Expect to see lots of events across the portfolio.

October 27, 2023

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Halloween is here! But with all the wonderfully scary goings in at R2Games, gamers won’t find much time for trick-or-treating. R2Games is wishing all of its fans a very happy Halloween this year with a spooktacular array of in-game treats.

The majority of R2Games’ many beloved titles will be running their own in-game events. But here are some of the unBOOlievable highlights:

Eternal Fury

Halloween is a big deal in Eternal Fury, there are two events to celebrate it, both running from the 30th of October to the 4th of November.

The first is the Halloween Carnival, a golden opportunity to obtain exclusive Halloween fashion items, SSR titles, avatars, and frames. And that’s not to mention the latest UR Hero. It will feature fan-favourite activities like the Halloween Lucky Wheel as well as even more bone-tingling rewards for players who log in for 5 consecutive days.

The second Eternal Fury Halloween Event is the Candy War. Players will need to swap their ammunition for sweets and, using 5 different types of candy, slay 5 different types of Halloween monster.

8 Ball Master

Who says snooker can’t be scary? From the 27th of October to the 2nd of November, the Spooktacular Sign-In Event offers fixed, unique rewards to 8 Ball Master players. To find it, just click the pumpkin. Missed days can’t be recovered, so gamers will need to make sure they log in every day to maximise their Halloween swag.

Talking of which, there will also be Halloween-exclusive cue sticks and avatars, such as the SSS-grade USpooky Fest Cue Set and the SS grade Pumpkinhead Cue.

League of Angels: Pact

While famed for its angels, it’s the demons who are in charge at this time of the year. As well as lots of Halloween-themed avatars, frames, chat, bubbles and outfits, there will be daily log in rewards from 29th October to the 1st of December.

But for those who aren’t faint-hearted and want to tackle LoA: Pact’s most terrifying Halloween event, there are also the boss challenges. Defeating the World Boss, Dark Realm Boss, or Bounty Boss unlocks Magic Candies and Magic Brooms. The latter can be exchanged for much-desired items like the Wings of Stealth.

Crystal Saga Idle

It’s time to idle into the spirit of Halloween. We said in the introduction that there would be no time for trick-or-treating, but that’s not true with a game like Crystal Saga Idle. Players can go out and enjoy the season while still idly embarking on quests with Dragon Treasure, unlocking mysterious new items from the Mystic Chest and finding other creepy points of interest in the haunted realm. Plus, timed daily quests will offer exclusive scary loot.

These events began on October 26th and will continue until November 1st.

Evil Awakening I and Evil Awakening II: Erebus

You won’t be surprised to hear that the Evil Awakening games are perfect for Halloween fun. They already have a darker aesthetic than many of R2Games’ titles, and for the next week that will only get darker. Players can dress for the occasion with a brand-new fashion range that is guaranteed to make other players faint with envy…or fright.

The Halloween fun has already kicked off at R2Games.com. If you can navigate your way past the pumpkins and ghosts, you’ll find a Doodle Spooky Magic minigame: the R2Games Halloween Graffiti Bash.

For more information on any of the Halloween promotions, the best place to go is the R2Games website. There you’ll find a cobweb-covered Halloween makeover with links to all of the other games with Halloween shenanigans occurring – like Dark Odyssey, Game of Thrones, and Firestone. You can find more information and assets in our media kit.

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