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The Heirloom Has Raised over $60,000 and is heading toward the next stretch goal!

October 9, 2023

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Babubi Games |

 — Babubi Games, an independent game development studio freshly founded by promising popular artist Hikanart and visionary game designer Alex Streltsov, is thrilled to announce that The Heirloom, its debut mysterious thriller adventure game inspired by the atmosphere of the Hebrides and Scottish folklore, has successfully raised over $60.000 and is confidently heading towards achieving the next stretch goal. Only 72 hours to go!

THE CAMPAIGN offers over 40 unique rewards across 12 tiers. Among them is a limited Collector's Edition of The Heirloom, available exclusively on Kickstarter. This special edition features a hand-painted 6" (15 cm) figure of Marla, the game's protagonist, along with other fantastic physical rewards.

There are still 3 days left until the campaign ends!

The Heirloom project page unveils numerous previously unknown details, offering an extended glimpse of the game world, and features voice stars such as Rebecca Wang (known for Guillermo del Toro’s Tales of ArcadiaJurassic World Camp CretaceousBlue Eye Samurai (Netflix), Steps (Netflix)) and Andy Mack (known for Evil WestDying Light 2Foolish MortalsPostal 4) in leading roles.

The Heirloom Kickstarter Campaign Link:


They Talk about Us

"The art style reminds me so much of the old-school adventure horror games which I was and still am a big fan of. I can’t wait to see more of this game. Everything I’ve seen from it has managed to captivate me." — Hurc, Curator of HORRORVISUALS

"Sincerely, I find the artistic direction top-notch, with a unique character design and excellent ideas that bode well for an interesting and promising game." — Loutre Perfide, Editor-in-Chief of VeuillezPLP

"One thing we can say about 'The Heirloom' is that the art direction will captivate you. Hikanart has really given this game what it needs to stand out in the sea of other releases…" — The Indie Curators

About The Heirloom

The Heirloom is a single-player mysterious thriller adventure with puzzle elements, where players are given the opportunity to make fateful decisions while navigating through a story full of secrets and mysteries.


After tragic events, orphaned 16-year-old Marla and her younger brother Jack find themselves in the care of their only living relative — a grumpy old man desperately trying to hide the secret of a dilapidated and frightening place in which he has been a recluse for many decades.

Forced to leave their home, Marla and Jack venture to faraway lands, across the ocean, to a small, nearly deserted town located in the western part of Scotland, somewhere on the Inner Hebrides.

Upon arrival, the children begin to notice unexplainable and frightening things happening in and around their new home. Things the other inhabitants of the island struggle so hard to ignore.

You have to uncover the secrets of your family and your grandfather’s old lighthouse as you work to discover the truth behind the unusual happenings.

Key Features

  • mysterious story inspired by the atmosphere of the Hebrides and Scottish folklore

  • Interesting, touching, sometimes eccentric and funny dialogues

  • Each decision you make affects the plot and can lead to unpredictable results

  • Stunning hand-drawn graphics and fascinating interactive cutscenes

  • Unique and exciting combinations of game mechanics

All Major Platforms

The Heirloom will be released for all major platforms, including PC, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Although Steam Deck support will be confirmed later, work on it is already underway.


On release day, the game will be available in nine languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, and Japanese.
Audio in the game will be available only in English. We may consider adding more languages in the future.

Release Date (ETA)

The game is scheduled for release in October 2024, during Spooky Month.

About Babubi Games

Babubi Games is an independent game development and publishing studio, freshly founded by promising popular artist Hikanart and visionary game designer Alex Streltsov. Young and small, but very ambitious, they make games that they feel are lacking so much for all of us. Their mission is to create meaningful and impressive gaming experiences that will inspire and change the way people look at the mundane.

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