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The first official trailer showcases the game's unique timing-based gameplay mechanics and handcrafted pixel art style.

A debut trailer arrives to show us this pixel art-y "game about humans, robots, and what’s in-between."
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In roughly one-and-a-half minutes, the trailer offers a sneak peek into the game's battle system, where the deliberation of turn-based combat meets a timed twist. It highlights the game's overheating system, revealing how exploiting weaknesses can lead to significantly increased damage, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

While placing a spotlight on the gameplay, the trailer also offers glimpses into the narrative as protagonist Ryiu navigates the mysteries of Condorra. Joining allies, confronting adversaries, and uncovering concealed truths, Ryiu's quest for answers unfolds against the backdrop of a world on the brink of destruction.
Catch the trailer on the game's official website, Steam page, and on YouTube:

About Frameland
Frameland: A Binary Tale is a game about humans, robots, and what’s in-between. Venture through a world past the brink of destruction and discover carefully concealed truths. Fight malevolent swarms in turn-based battles with a twist: time your attacks for maximum impact!

With a playtime of under ten hours, it is a short RPG with a big heart. Frameland: A Binary Tale is set to release in early 2024 to PC and Mac via Steam. It will be available in both English and German at launch.

Key Features

  • All action, no filler! — Plenty of RPG goodness, tightly packed into 6–8 hours of playtime.
  • A deeply intertwined story — Experience a gripping tale told from two perspectives — twists and turns included.
  • Lovingly hand-crafted pixel art — Inspired by the classics, Frameland’s art blends nostalgia with a unique, modern touch.
  • Original old-school soundtrack — Over 40 unique tracks of original 16-bit-style music reminiscent of the golden era of JRPGs.
  • No random encounters — All enemies are visible on the map. Want to avoid them? Then better be quick!
  • Pet dogs — Organic or otherwise!

Press Contact
Name: Markus Langthaler / Mario Dederichs
Email: [email protected]

More Information

Official website:
Steam page:


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