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TERRORDROME: REIGN OF THE LEGENDS early-access launching on EPIC store for the first time with Cross-Play!

Forthright Entertainment and Huracan Studio is excited to announce the popular horror-fighting-experience is now available on the EPIC store featuring cross-play for STEAM!

October 29, 2023

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Forthright Entertainment |

Knoxville, Tennessee, US – Forthright Entertainment & Huracan Studio have been working for some time since early access on the evolving universe of TERRORDROME: REIGN OF THE LEGENDS, the fighting game where characters from horror literature, urban legends, cryptids, and mythology exist within the modern world. The game is the spiritual successor to ‘TERRORDROME: RISE OF THE BOOGEYMAN and is currently in early access on STEAM set for a full release in December 2023.


Enter the world of Terrordrome where the wildest urban legends and the darkest conspiracies have been dictating humanity’s fate all along, hidden in plain sight.

Discover a world ruled by high rank vampires and witness the ultimate battle of the last descendant of the infamous Vampire hunter family, Alex Van Helsing, as he ventures to take down Dracula in one final battle. Along this journey, Van Helsing will meet new allies and enemies with playable characters including Frankenstein’s Monster, Sasquatch, Neverman, Bloody Mary, T.H.I.S, Mr Hyde and many more.

Featuring solid and creative combat mechanics, casual-friendly combos’ system, and unique stages, TERRORDROME has built up a passionate community of fans since its early-access release offering fans of horror something different – the chance to unite their love of horror and gaming.

“Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends is a whole lot of fun and a true love letter to the horror genre. Since its early access we have built up a passionate community of players on Steam helping the studio shape the game for the future and it’s now available on EPIC store with cross play. This allows us to continue this community support for future development of this incredibly fun, fighting game that offers a difference in the competitive fighter genre.” – Ryan Waller ‘Chairman and CEO of Forthright Entertainment’ 



  • Single player arcade mode. 

  • Online PVP – Cross-Play with Steam. 

  • Shared Split/screen PVP. 

  • Partial controller support. 

  • Remote play together. 

  • 11 playable characters 

Check out the official website here  

To view the trailer, click here 

To download the trailer, click here 

To download the Press Kit, please click here 

For developer interviews or if you have any questions about the game, please contact 4media Group [email protected]  

Notes to Editors  

About Forthright Entertainment 
Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Forthright Entertainment is a boutique publisher of games for PC and consoles. We have a very simple missions, to position great game studios for global success by providing full-featured publishing services. 


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About Huracan Studio Huracan Studio is an independent game development company based in Canada. Known for its innovative and creative approach to gaming, the studio has gained recognition for its unique projects in the world of video games. Specializing in the horror genre, Huracan Studio has captured the imagination of players with its popular game, Terrordrome, which features an eclectic roster of iconic horror movie characters engaged in intense, fast-paced battles. 

Founded by a team of passionate game developers, Huracan Studio is dedicated to crafting engaging and immersive gaming experiences that cater to fans of horror and the fighting game genre. With a commitment to quality and a love for all things horror, the studio continues to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Whether it's through spine-tingling gameplay or captivating storytelling, Huracan Studio invites players to explore the dark and thrilling worlds they create. 

As a developer with a keen eye for the macabre and a dedication to fan engagement, Huracan Studio has fostered a strong and loyal community of horror and gaming enthusiasts. Their creative vision and commitment to delivering memorable experiences make them a standout player in the indie game development scene. 

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