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Swing around Treon-inspired cyber-arenas like a deadly spider in this indie fist-person shooter

October 3, 2023

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Ofir Agami |

Indie solo developer Ofir Agami just announced that its movement-oriented first person shooter Cyber Combat has a demo available on Steam ahead of the Steam Next Fest, which will be held on October 9-16. Featuring a distinct Tron-style visual aesthetic for the world and unique movement mechanics, the game also draws inspiration from other shooters in the genre such as Doom and Ghostrunner, as well as real life sports for both the movement and combat mechanics.

Swing around neon arenas like a deadly spider, pouncing on your enemies with a powerful array of unique weapons, and jumping back to evade their counter-attacks and prepare your next strike.

Your grappling hook and momentum will be your best allies to fly around the arena, running on the walls in search of openings to flank your enemies. Take advantage of your surroundings and terrain to evade your enemies and use your weapons unique skills to your advantage: wreak havoc pushing enemies to crash them on each other, hurting or killing them and creating chaos in the battlefield, or use them as bouncing points with your grappling hook to navigate to remote areas – with physics-based collisions that can create chain reactions, your skills can help you cause pure mayhem!


  • Movement-based combat. Take advantage of dashing, wallrunning, momentum and your grappling hook to smoothly navigate each arena for both survivability as well as destroying your enemies

  • Tight arsenal. Quality over quantity: each weapon is unique, designed to create a satisfying, tight combat experience, and tied in with all the movement options – you can even grapple to your grenades to make impossible jumps

  • Adapt to your enemies. Each enemy requires different strategies to deal with. Some are designed to force you to move in a certain way, or to make you able to move in ways that are impossible without them; others can spawn more enemies

  • Cause chaos by pushing enemies against each other! Inspired by real-life sports, you can push enemies around with well-placed shots. Colliding with other enemies will hurt or kill them, causing physics-based chain reactions – with enough skill, you can rein chaos in to be your ally!

  • Style and gory kills. Pump rounds into your enemies at close range with your shotgun – or perhaps turn them into scrap from afar with your rocket launcher!

  • A gorgeous Tron-inspired world. Explore a beautifully crafted world that draws inspiration from many sci-fi and futuristic themes such as the movie Tron and games such as Ghostrunner.

  • An incredible soundtrack. Enjoy listening to an adrenaline-pumping, fast paced, high-tempo original soundtrack that perfectly fits into the world of Cyber Combat with its futuristic sounds

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Ofir is a software developer by profession, a musician at heart, and a huge lover of action games. As a fan of Doom and Rocket League he tried to find a game that combines the fluid movement of games like real world sport games, with the pace and the power of old school shooters. His growing addiction to game development, as well as the absence of such a game, made him turn from a hobbyist game developer to the single developer of Cyber Combat. To enable creating the levels and the art quickly and efficiently, the art style is influenced by Tron and other sci-fi titles and heavily relies on custom shaders and procedural animations.

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