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Stray Fawn Studio announces publishing branch and reveals first game in publishing lineup

Edouard Libion's city-builder signed by Stray Fawn Studio as first publishing venture.

March 15, 2023

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Zurich, Switzerland - March 10th, 2023 - Stray Fawn Studio, the indie game studio behind ‘The Wandering Village’ has just announced that they will be branching out into indie game publishing. Alongside the announcement they also revealed the first game in their publishing lineup: Earth of Oryn, a city-builder/strategy game with a medieval setting, set to launch into Steam Early Access in 2024.

Since its establishment in 2016, Stray Fawn Studio has developed and self-published three games in the simulation and strategy genres. ‘The Wandering Village’, the most recent addition to the studio’s portfolio, has sold over 200'000 copies since its Steam Early Access release in September 2022. According to Philomena Schwab, Stray Fawn Studios Co-Founder and lead of their newly established publishing branch, this was just the push they needed to go into publishing: “I’ve been wanting to do this for many years now, but we never really had the extra resources needed to do so. Now we can finally get started and support other devs on their journey. We’re hoping to create a transparent, understanding publisher where partners can benefit from each other and grow together.”
In the case of Earth of Oryn, Stray Fawn had jumped in to help Edouard Libion, a solo-dev from Belgium, when he hit a tough spot during the Kickstarter campaign for his game. Together, they brought the campaign back on track and finally surpassed the initial funding goal. After the campaign, they decided to continue working together.

Earth of Oryn Key features:

  •   Beautiful and vibrant low poly art style

  •   Build great cities, mighty castles, bustling towns and establish laws to guide them all

  •   Raise and manage armies to protect your kingdom from enemies in real-time battles

  •   Manage your economy, gather resources, trade and research new technologies

  •   Run your kingdom how you see fit, creating your own politics, laws, and culture

  •   Discover new creatures, biomes, and civilizations by exploring new, untouched lands

  •   Create your own world, tweaking everything to your liking in creative mode

  •   Use prefabricated buildings, or create your own models from the ground up

  •   Build complex systems to power buildings and moving parts like bridges and elevators

  •   Shape the world to your needs by modifying the terrain's elevation

  •   Master the water using bridges, water mills, and other types of machinery

Earth of Oryn Links:

Stray Fawn Links:

Stray Fawn has stated they are open to receiving pitches from developers at [email protected]. While their main focus will be simulation, city-builders and strategy games for the time being, pitches of any genre are welcome.

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