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Strategic bot-driven battles are exploding online with the release of Battlecruisers Showdown on November 5!

Everything comes to a dramatic conclusion on November 5th.

October 16, 2023

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Three years after the breakaway hit of the single-player Battlecruisers, the cross-platform multiplayer is now exploding onto iOS and Android. Engage your frenemies in short strategic showdowns in this ever-evolving tactical battle game.




Flooded Earth, 2732. The world is run by robots after the meat-people selfishly decided to stop moving and biodegrade. Robots were built to build, to keep the economy moving, and to wage war—so that’s exactly what they’re doing. Now you come in.


Choose your battle arena with unique perks, rewards, and conditions. Everything you build on your cruiser hull operates autonomously: turrets, attack boats, bomber aircraft, spy satellites, and game-ending ultraweapons. Use the spoils of battle to buy robot exoskeleta, new destructive weapons, and most importantly, heckles. All grade-C robots and above know that mockery-banter is the highest form of combat.


Get your feet wet with the single-player story campaign before jumping into player vs player combat. The original Battlecruisers gained an average of 4.6 stars across Google Play and the App Store from 1,000,000 organic players. In-app purchases for cosmetic currency are optional. Explosive fun is inevitable.


Editor’s Guide


Battlecruisers won multiple game design awards, was featured as “Game of the Day” and a “Featured App” by Apple, and is considered “prutty good” by your typical Kiwi.


Here’s our editor’s guide to the new Battlecruisers Showdown, including trailers, screenshots and advance access on iOS and Google Play.

Editor’s guide:


Battlecruisers on Testflight: (IAPs are free)


Battlecruisers on Google Play:


Mobile Hype Trailer



Mobile Launch Trailer (preview)



iPhone Launch trailer (preview)



iPhone Hype Trailer



Overheating with excitement for you to smash your head against Battlecruisers!

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