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Steel Aces Now Available on Steam - Add to Your Wishlist Today!

MMO tactical tank shooter launches on Steam.

October 6, 2023

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After a triumphant launch and a remarkable presence at Gamescom, garnering over 100,000 views on all recently released videos, including exciting collaborations with military artists and the Tank Museum in Texas, we are thrilled to announce the release of Steel Aces on Steam!

Prepare to take command of your own tank and dive deep into the annals of history with Steel Aces, the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter that's set to redefine the gaming landscape. Developed by seasoned veterans of the genre, Steel Aces seamlessly combines strategy, simulation, and historical authenticity to offer gamers an unprecedented and immersive experience. Set to be available on PC Windows in 2024, the game also holds the potential for future expansion onto Mac, Linux, and various gaming consoles.

Unleash Your Inner Tank Commander with Free-To-Play Access:

Steel Aces introduces a Free-To-Play model, granting global players access to the heart-pounding world of tank warfare. The game features a balanced monetisation approach, offering a diverse range of cosmetic options, including skins, decals, progression boosters, and exclusive collector's vehicles. With a multitude of customisation choices, players can tailor their gaming experience while supporting the continuous development of the game.

Embark on a Historical MMO Tank Adventure:

Setting itself apart from the competition, Steel Aces delivers massive multiplayer tank battles that traverse various historical eras. From the trenches of WWI to contemporary war machines, players can engage in gripping campaigns inspired by real locations and historical events such as The Battle of Cambrai (1917), The Battle of Khalkhin Gol (1939), The Battle of Arras (1940), The Battle of the Bulge (1944), and The Battle of Chawinda (1965) and many more.

Dynamic Environments Rooted in Historical Context:

Steel Aces meticulously crafts key environments inspired by actual locations and historical occurrences. While some areas may be fictional, they remain plausible and engaging, ensuring players are not bogged down by excessive travel times or unnecessary engine failures during gameplay.

A Unique Selling Proposition that Exceeds Expectations:

Steel Aces is the culmination of extensive player feedback and insights, gathered by the experienced developers behind the game. Leveraging their collective expertise, the team has addressed common genre challenges, promising a more fulfilling and satisfying gaming experience. The game retains the core strengths that made tactical vehicle shooters popular in 2010s while introducing changes, additions, and adjustments that elevate it to new heights.

Key Features That Will Leave Players in Awe:

Steel Aces offers a plethora of features that will captivate players, with these three mechanics taking centre stage:

Advanced Volumetric Armour and Ballistics System: Immerse yourself in the intensity of tank warfare with a meticulously designed armour and ballistics system, where different shell types have distinct effects on diverse armour configurations.

In-Depth Vehicle Knowledge: Master the intricacies of tanks by understanding armour layouts and interior components, providing players with a tactical edge on the battlefield.

Immersive Realism: Dive into the world of Steel Aces with animated moving parts, lifelike texturing, authentic engine sounds, explosive visual effects, and genuine crew communications, creating an unparalleled digital tank warfare experience.

Steel Aces goes beyond these elements, ensuring players embark on an unparalleled adventure.

Prepare to make history with Steel Aces, the ultimate MMO tactical battle tank shooter. Engage in epic tank battles, traverse dynamic environments, and strategise your way to victory!

For more information, please visit https://steelaces.com/news

About Steel Aces: Steel Aces is a groundbreaking MMO tactical battle tank shooter developed by Armative Studios. Combining historical accuracy with simulation and strategy, the game offers players an unparalleled gaming experience. With gripping campaigns, diverse environments, and a player-centric design, Steel Aces promises to redefine the genre.

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