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Soul's Spectrum: Embracing Redemption with Every Step through Death

Sometimes a part of us must die so another part could come to life

October 19, 2023

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Ravenage Games and Thund Games, proudly present Soul's Spectrum. This mystery dungeon puzzle adventure is not just a game — it's an introspective voyage through life, death, and everything in between stacked together like nesting dolls.

Where Death Is Only the Beginning

Embark on a mesmerizing odyssey as Nora in Soul's Spectrum. Trapped in a castle of immortal beings, unravel the mysteries of the elixir of eternal life, Nora's past, and her quest for redemption. Take advantage of your death and rebirth to navigate rituals and puzzles, confronting a cast of intricate characters.

Your choices will define the path, leading to various endings. Soul's Spectrum offers a profound narrative full of unexpected twists, exploring themes of love, revenge, and atonement, where the boundaries between life and death blur.
The game bases its mechanics on death and rebirth: the player in fact will have to know how to use the different forms of Nora to overcome obstacles in the different game maps. In a nutshell, each time you die you are reborn to a different form.

Key Features:
Death Mechanic: Death is evolution — witness Nora's metamorphosis across four distinct forms each complete with a distinct set of abilities.
Intricate Puzzles: Solve puzzles uniquely tailored to Nora's transformations: Human, Skeleton, Umbra, and Anima.
Enigmatic Encounters: Delve deep into the unknown with strange characters, unravel mysteries, and dodge treacherous traps in this unparalleled adventure.
Engaging Narrative: Strap in for a storyline filled with unexpected turns and decisions that sculpt the narrative's direction.
Captivating 16-bit Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the dynamic soundscape created by Javarnanda, shifting seamlessly with Nora's ever-changing forms.
Soul's Spectrum is up for purchase today, October 19, 2023. Dive into the mystery ahead of the crowd and uncover the secrets waiting to be discovered.
Dare to challenge fate in Soul's Spectrum. Can you break free from endless confines and claim your freedom?

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