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Sci-fi Narrative Thriller Interference: Dead Air Launches on Steam

​​​​​​​Save the scientists of the mysterious Barclay Institute or watch it all burn from your security booth

February 2, 2023

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It’s time to start your shift as the newest night security guard at The Barclay Institute in Interference: Dead Air now on Steam. What starts as a quiet night of watching security cameras, completing your word search, and having some microwave noodles, quickly turns to chaos in this sci-fi narrative thriller from Fear of Corn and V Publishing.


In the middle of nowhere in a quiet southwest town sits the mysterious Barclay Institute. A research facility for…well, no one is sure exactly. What starts as a usual night in the low-paying job of night security guard quickly goes awry when the facility is overrun by enemies. Armed with only a two-way radio for communication, a pinboard map of the facility, and an archaic computer it's up to players to decide if they want to help the scientists inside escape, including their best friend, or ignore the cries for help and pop another movie into the VCR.


Juggling radio conversations, tracking movement on the pin board, and rerouting power when and where necessary will be key to getting everyone out safely. If you choose to switch off your radio and sit back, you may want to close the blinds and ignore the explosions off in the distance. 


Whether you choose to save everyone or goof off, Interference’s branching narrative is designed to give a different experience with every playthrough. Experiment, explore, and discover multiple endings with dozens of variations, all while listening to a collection of 80’s inspired synth jams on your FM radio.


Players can start their shift as the new night security guard in Interference: Dead Air now on Steam for $14.99 with a 10% launch discount. Players can meet their fellow night security guards by joining the official Discord here.

To see if you’re up for the job as night security guard, request a review key by filling out this form.


  • Actions Matter: Every decision the player makes (or doesn't make) is valid. Wanna be an asshole? Sure. A pushover? Go for it! Or you can just leave. We won't stop you.

  • Multitask: Monitor your radio, computer, and map to lead your friend to safety. You'd just better hope the power doesn't go out.

  • Tune Out: Your booth is outfitted with all sorts of distractions. Shoot a few hoops or unwind with a relaxing word search puzzle. We know you have a lot on your plate managing a massive security breach and keeping your best friend alive, but you do you.

  • Atmospheric Setting: The desert is spooky, mysterious, and kinda lonely... the perfect place to contemplate your worldly insignificance!

  • Original Soundtrack: The 80s called, they want their synthesizers back.

  • Replayability: A branching, fully voice-acted narrative adventure that plays out in real-time, with no two playthroughs exactly alike.

About Fear of Corn

Fear of Corn is an independent video game studio “shucking” narrative trends to craft exploratory and engaging interactive experiences. Founded in 2015 by Jared Bohlken and Brad Leyden.


About V Publishing

V Publishing is a publishing label for high-quality games that seek to tell stories and provide memorable experiences. V Publishing is a division of Vicarious Holdings, the company behind international award-winning video game PR agency Vicarious PR. For more information visit www.publishvicarious.com.

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