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Runes – Reveal Trailer 2023

Revealed in the best way possible - in a video.

October 13, 2023

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Bimodial |

12 October 2023

Introducing Runes, a new single player open world RPG that tells the tale of a flawed sorcerer and a headstrong young thief.


Key features

  • Play both characters as you follow their journey through the Realm

  • Learn how to wield Runes, the magic system that drives the game

  • A strategic, directional combat system that moves away from button bashing without losing momentum

  • A card minigame that crosses traditional fantasy card games with RPG mechanics

  • Coming out on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox in 2025

The Story
The Port city of Lewyst has become the dingy, crime-infested underbelly of the Realm. Two rival crime chapters vie for influence, while noble families fight over the Barony. At the centre of everything lies a new potion, so addictive that it enslaves all who take it. Talesin, the very capable, yet very flawed ‘watcher’, is dispatched by the Sorcerers Guild to investigate. As our wayward sorcerer delves into an emerging conspiracy, he forms an unlikely alliance with the young Olwyna Vrak, member of the powerful yet declining Vrak crime dynasty. Play both characters as you live their story.

  Our Approach
Runes brings together everything fans of medieval fantasy love. At its heart is a story, set in a new world rich with characters, lore, magic and legend. Brought alive through our beautiful illustrations and short stories, these serve as the prelude to the game and will be released throughout development. Anyone can create a game these days, not everyone can tell a good story. By the time we’re finished, players will be ready to jump in and explore the world they’ve read about, playing through our story first-hand, making the characters their own. Finally, our minigame introduces a new fantasy card system that we hope players will enjoy in it’s own right. 

We have the basic mechanics, setting and quests ready. But to do Talesin and Olwyna justice, we need a little help to truly bring it to life. That’s why we’ll be launching our Kickstarter campaign in January 2024 and welcome anyone who would like to support our efforts.

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNAGzwqjbp0

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