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“The Doodle God-inspired puzzle game is available now for PC and Switch”

October 30, 2023

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Error300 Games | October 28th, 2023 - Error300

RPG Alchemy is the latest release from Error300, a small indie studio previously known for “Mosaic Chronicles”.  In this puzzle-alchemy game, your goal is to combine all the various RPG elements in order to progress and unlock new possible combinations.

Featuring a unique RPG theme, the game attempts to simulate the feeling of RPG progression through the highly popular alchemy genre, making it a new experience for fans of the genre. The developers behind the game spoke on their experience developing the game:

“We like alchemy games, and RPG Alchemy started as a simple alchemy-genre game featuring the usual combinations of elements such as water and fire, but we found that it felt too generic, so with RPG Alchemy we decided to try something a bit different.

Our philosophy for creating games has always been to make something we want to play ourselves, and we strive for that with every single release we put out, including RPG Alchemy.”

What would happen in the event of an adventurer meeting a goblin? Or perhaps another adventurer? Let your imagination run rampant as you explore events leading to new team members, enemies, new locations, loot, experience, and even death.

The game currently features 184 unique combinations to discover and comes with a sleek easy-to-use UI, fun illustrations, and a hint system to help you along the way if needed, making it accessible for all.

Key features include:

A unique RPG spin on the alchemy-puzzle genre
180+ unique combinations to discover
A ton of gorgeous illustrations
Switch support - allowing you to combine on-the-go

RPG Alchemy was released on the 27th of October and is available for purchase now on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Store. The game is currently on sale through Steam for a limited time until November 4th. To learn more about the studio Error300, check out their website.


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