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RallyHere announces partnership with Atmos Labs, Inc. to provide live-service support for competitive flight racer, ExoGP

Competitive flight racer 'ExoGP' to get "live-service support" from games-as-a-service platform.
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Atlanta/Los Angeles/London (August 21, 2023) 09:00 ET: RallyHere, a fully integrated platform for cross-platform video games-as-a-service, has signed a new partnership to provide live service operations support for ExoGP, a competitive flight racing game in development from Atmos Labs, Inc.

RallyHere, a wholly-owned subsidiary of global video games company Hi-Rez Ventures, offers game developers a fully integrated product suite that covers all the key features necessary to run live service games across multiple platforms. The technology was developed over nearly 20 years within Hi-Rez Studios and has already been used by over 150 million gamers worldwide via titles such as Rogue Company, SMITE, and Paladins.

Atmos Labs, Inc., is a studio founded to create digital entertainment experiences built on the principles of sport. The studio’s first game ExoGP, is a competitive racing video game that takes the spirit of motorsports and pairs it with fully 3D flight mechanics. Atmos Labs’ current projects also include Exordium, a nine-part comic series led by industry veteran Tommy Lee Edwards that introduces the narrative universe surrounding ExoGP.

Kevin Beauregard, CEO & Founder at Atmos Labs, Inc. said: “The RallyHere team's experience in supporting the delivery of highly immersive cross-platform live-service games is industry leading. Their support will allow us to accelerate the development of ExoGP by leveraging their expertise and tooling for cross-platform accounts, server optimization, and real-time LiveOps management, as well as player progression strategy and community management.”

Stewart Chisam, CEO & Founder at RallyHere said: “Our mission is to democratize live-service development by supplying the back-end infrastructure and know-how to allow games developers of all sizes to supercharge their live-service games both in development and post-launch. We are thrilled to be able to share our knowledge with the incredible creative team at Atmos Labs, Inc. Our tools will help the studio build and bring their unique vision to market, ensuring players have the best in-game experiences on whichever platform they choose to play."


Notes to Editors:

About RallyHere:
RallyHere is a fully integrated, battle-tested platform for cross-platform games-as-a-service. RallyHere was founded in early 2023 by veterans of Hi-Rez Studios, to bring world-class live-services operations to game developers of all sizes, making it easier than ever to build and operate cross-platform games. Headquartered in Atlanta, the team is headed up by Stewart Chisam, CEO, Trevor Williams, CRO, and Phil Collins CTO, alongside a team of 46, including many ex-Hi-Rez staff. RallyHere is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global video games company Hi-Rez Ventures, with offices in the USA and United Kingdom.

About Atmos Labs, Inc.:
Atmos Labs, Inc. is a studio founded to create digital entertainment experiences built on the principles of sport. Led by a team of blockchain, gaming, and media veterans, partners include Sfermion, Animoca Brands, Collab + Currency, and Bloq. ExoGP is the studio’s first game in development, and is joined by the Exordium comic book series, and Atmos Portal, a hub for the studio’s digital collectibles.

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