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New Action-Platformer Title Coming to Consoles and PC in 2023
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Philadelphia, PA--November 2022 || Indie game publisher Retroware and developer Programancer are joining forces once more to bring original IP Prison City to life. Inspired by an affinity for NES classics such as Shatterhand and Power Blade, Prison City will offer players a solid sidescrolling-dystopian arcade experience exploding with tight mechanics, intricate level design, and a satisfying action narrative.


Cancel your retirement and grab your chakram — because it’s time to get back in the game! As former cop Hal Bruzer, take on the Chief’s request to raid Prison City’s security zones and bring an end to the Techno-Terrorists’ reign. Do rad things like:

  • Throw a chakram or grab some grenades, eat hot dogs to restore health, and find contacts to obtain key cards to wardens’ safe rooms,

  • Uncover hidden weapon and health upgrades,

  • Grapple through 8+ zones, ranging from Sewer, Factory, and Reserve,

  • Rock out to Raddland Studios’ (Retro City Rampage, Shakedown Hawaii) OST

  • And talk to a dolphin?! 



Programancer is a Michigan-based game developer, artist, and programmer behind several retro-inspired titles such as Dumpy and Bumpy and The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest. They are also the host of the yearly RetrogradeJam, in which Prison City was started in July 2022. Programancer has kept two goals in mind during Prison City’s development: First, to reuse systems and packages from their other games to make a killer gameplay experience as quickly as possible. And second, to make a game that feels heavy, but kinetic, and aesthetically inspired by seminal games such as Shatterhand and Power Blade.



We are a collective of skilled, international developers, artists, and creatives working together on video games, rad swag, and arcade machines. We love providing retro-inspired gaming experiences as well as producing modern, carefully-crafted titles and merchandise without compromise. We’ve always been an Internet name synonymous with linking the past to present-day entertainment. But now, Retroware aims to be Today’s Source for Tomorrow’s Classics!


Release Date: 2023

Consoles and PC


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Tara Tomaino

Publishing Coordinator, Retroware

[email protected]

(855) 908-8823 ext. 715



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