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Plarium Celebrates "RAID: Shadow Legends" 4th Anniversary by Releasing Legendary Versions of Its Four Original Champions

Month-long Celebration Provides Special Events and Free Gifts for New and Existing Players
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TEL AVIV, Israel, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Plarium, a global leader in developing F2P mobile and PC games with more than 450 million registered gamers worldwide, announces the 4th anniversary of its acclaimed dark fantasy collections RPG RAID: Shadow Legends. The celebration will take place through April 8 and offer exclusive community challenges, events, and free gifts for both existing and new players using the 4YEARSRAID promo code in-game. As a special addition to this year's anniversary, Plarium is paying homage to the four iconic Champions who started it all with new legendary versions of Kael, Athel, Elhain and Galek.

"We are truly humbled and thankful to all the players for their continued passion and loyalty towards RAID over the past four years," said Schraga Mor, CEO of Plarium. "Additionally, I could not be more proud of the RAID development and support teams that not only created an exceptional game but have continued to build upon it with new experiences to keep it fresh for returning fans and newcomers alike. The strong community that links the gamers and developers is pivotal to RAID's ongoing success."

Since its 2019 launch, RAID has 75 million downloads across all platforms and has grossed over $1B in lifetime revenue. For new players, Plarium has once again partnered with Idomoo to provide a personalized tale of their in-game battles, progress, and achievements.

RAID: Shadow Legends is available to download on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as PC through the Microsoft Store or the Plarium Play platform. For more information on Plarium, visit:

About Plarium
Plarium Global Ltd. is dedicated to creating the best mobile and PC experience for its community of over 450 million registered gamers worldwide. Our diverse portfolio includes 20 games ranging from hardcore RPGs to casual adventures, featuring acclaimed titles such as RAID: Shadow Legends, Vikings: War of Clans, Lost Island: Blast Adventure, and the Stormfall franchise. The App Store and Google Play regularly feature our games, with Facebook twice recognizing us as a top hardcore Facebook developer. Plarium employs more than 1400 specialists at its headquarters and eight offices and studios around the globe. Our games are available on iOS, Android, and PC. They are also available through Plarium Play, our optimized game launcher for PC and Mac players. Plarium is part of Pixel United, the global mobile-first games publishing business of Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ASX code: ALL). Visit for more information.

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