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Plants vs. Zombies ™ Creator George Fan’s New Game “Hardhat Wombat” Now Available on STEAM

Latest Game from the Brainz Behind Plants vs. Zombies Is a PC Puzzle Platformer Where You Wield a Working-Class Wombat and His Square Poops

October 27, 2023

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All Yes Good |

San Francisco, CA—October 26, 2023 — All Yes Good, an indie game studio headed by George Fan, the decaying brainz behind the original Plants vs. Zombies™, today launched Hardhat Wombat, a premium PC puzzle platformer available on STEAM. Based on the most interesting fact in the animal world – that wombats make cube-shaped feces – Hardhat Wombat has players take on the role of a wombat construction worker, whose primary building material is his own square poops. Hardhat Wombat carries a list price of US$10.00 and promises endless fun for all ages – with zero in-game monetization. The official launch trailer can be found here.
“Like most of my games, including PvZ, Hardhat Wombat was conceived during a game jam some years ago,” said George Fan, who sadly cannot produce cube shaped excrement. “I’d been looking for an opportunity to work with my friend Andy Hull, lead programmer on the original Spelunky, and we spent a couple of years having fun building it together, until eventually we’d polished the game to a murky brown sheen.”
Lead developer Hull added, “It’s fairly safe to say Hardhat Wombat is more full of crap than all of George’s other games combined.”
Top features of Hardhat Wombat include:
·       More than 90 increasingly difficult levels featuring fiendish foes and obstinate obstacles.

·       A wide variety of level types, including brain-blasting Dynamite levels, action-packed Beetle Hunt levels, ballistic Bubble Gum levels.

·       Nearly infinite replayability thanks to multiple solutions to many levels and an expanding array of additional construction materials including gum bubbles, garden greens, sudsy soda six-packs and more.

·       Additional game modes, including Daily Gauntlet where you can compete with your friends for the crappy construction crown!
About All Yes Good
All Yes Good is the indie game studio founded and led by George Fan, creator of the phenomenally popular Plants vs. Zombies game franchise as well as the frantic fish tank fun of Insaniquarium and the majestic mutation that is Octogeddon. George is also a fairly fanatical Magic the Gathering player, so much so that he spent 2017-2018 at Wizards of the Coast helping design the Ikoria, Strixhaven, and Unifinity sets as well as a number of individual cards. For more information, visit the game site at hardhatwombat.com.
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