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'With the Pets' DLC finally allowed indoors.

May 12, 2022

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Author: Frozen District

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It's been over a year since Frozen Way and Frozen District announced the beginning of the journey called House Flipper – Pets DLC. From now on, pets are in your hands. Take care of them as best you can with this fluffy release! Cozy Village awaits you!
For immediate publication 12/05/2022 – Cracow, Poland
You're no longer alone! With the Pets DLC release, you can now adopt an animal friend in House Flipper. Choose from 10 of the most popular breeds of cats and dogs, each having different traits and personalities. Look after a guinea pig or a rabbit! Some exotic species are waiting for you too! Iguanas, snakes, and spiders all made it to the DLC, but they are not mandatory to take care of if you're not a fan. Your sweet new friends may become your lifetime companions!

Make sure to check out new painting and sticker mechanics, which allow you to hang and stick your custom images inside your House Flipper properties. After that, install an extra set of stairs to reach the attic, and don’t forget to light up the house with a new addition of colorful lightbulb chains to see how cozy it can get!

Along with the release of Pets DLC, you can expect some revolutionary changes to the base game as well! The developers took a bow towards the community of House Flipper and decided to bring two long-awaited mechanics. To be precise, from now on, all the players will be able to paint and tile ceilings, as well as add and change the position of all the exterior doors. Even though House Flipper marks its fourth birthday in May, the developers do not forget about coming up with ways to enrich the base game’s set of features.

House Flipper – Pets DLC brings an exciting set of features:

  • Interact with your pets, take good care of them and create a unique bond.

  • Be ready for the upcoming challenges with 11 new jobs.

  • Let your imagination run wild and go for a unique design with all 11 of our brand-new ranch-style houses.

  • Experience flipping in a new countryside environment!

  • 3 new flipping mechanics arrive in Pets DLC - hang lightbulb chains around your room, insert extra sets of stairs, decorate your interior with custom standing and hanging pictures, and wall stickers!

  • 2 new long-awaited mechanics for the base game - paint or tile your ceilings and purchase and place new exterior doors!

  • The addition of over 700 new items will make your interiors warm and cozy!

The developers have prepared a fluffy 10% launch discount along with the House Flipper- Pets DLC release! The original price tag is $14.99. The DLC will be available on PC, but the developers already spoke out about releasing it on console platforms in the future. Don't forget to check their social media, such as TwitterFacebook, and YouTube channels, for future updates!

About Frozen Way:
We are a development studio and publisher from Krakow. You may know us from co-creating House Flipper with its Pets DLC, as well as creating and releasing House Flipper VR on Steam. We are a group of friendly people with a passion for video games. Gamedev is our lifestyle and philosophy, so there's nothing better than seeing our creations bring a lot of joy to the community. In the end, we're all nerds, aren't we?

About Frozen District:
Frozen District is a group of gamers - personalities full of passion for virtual entertainment. Regular people who are still ready to pull some all-nighters playing their favorite titles. We know what gamers need, as we are a part of the gaming community, and through creating our own projects, which we would play ourselves, we fulfill our ambitions.
At the same time, all of us want to be the best at what we do, still trying to reach the peak of our performance by polishing our skills and seeking innovative solutions. That is why in our midst, you can find experts in programming, marketing, graphics, design, and many more. Our main priority is constant improvement and crafting all the valuable experience gathered this way into the uniqueness present in our current and upcoming titles.

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