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Perfect New World Calls All Selected Soul Tamers Join The Equilibrious Test Today!

Today's testing phase is extremely equilibrious.
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The door towards to the fantasy MMO world has been opened! Perfect New World, a boundless world MMO Action RPG developed by IRONCORE GAME STUDIO, a subsidiary of Perfect World Games, announced that the Equilibrious Test of Perfect New World starts today! The Soul Tamers who received the official email will be able to access the game.


New Gameplay Awaits You!

11 Ways To Progress In Game

The developers have invested a significant amount of effort into enriching the diverse players’ progression experience of the game.



Main Quests (for both level and equipment progression)

Side-Quests (for both level and equipment progression)

Boundless World Exploration (for both level and equipment progression)

Dungeons (for both level and equipment progression)

Bounty (for both level and equipment progression)

Guild (for both level and equipment progression)

PVP/Arena (for both level and equipment progression)

Gather Materials (for equipment progression)

Mine Materials (for equipment progression)

Fishing (for equipment progression)


The diversified progression provides players with a system that can be interfered with and is diverse in situations where the game system players cannot interfere, allowing everyone to use their imagination and customize the progression - To Be A Unique Soul Tamer.


Guild System

Guild provides a general sense of participation and warmth to the player community. It's also a perfect occasion where players can find echoes as Perfect World fans.

By joining the guild, players can collaborate with other guild members. Completing various tasks and activities enhances the team collaboration experience in the game. Moreover, the guild system offers players powerful gameplay, including challenges and collaborative tasks, increasing the depth and diversity of the game’s experience.



Guild Base Gameplay:

Wraith Event: Random day from Monday to Friday;

Guild Construction: Completing tasks to raise the guild’s reputation and gain guild experience points;

Conquering the Wraith King: Saturday.


Review Of The Exposed Game Features

New Class - Dragonspear

Prepare to welcome a mysterious knight into the game – Dragonspear. His remarkable spearmanship and dazzling moves are bound to catch enemies off guard and leave them in awe.


New Locales - Mountain Plains, Desertia Suburbs and Mechanopolis

Players can now venture into exciting new locales for extended gameplay!

Mountain Plains: Explore these unpredictable plains and unravel the secrets behind various missions to claim your rewards. Warning: Beware of the Wraiths and other dangerous creatures; they may be lurking, ready to attack you!

Desertia Suburbs: If you're seeking a more thrilling adventure than the missions offered by the villagers, explore the Desertia Suburbs! Whether you're delving into the Hidden Land or embarking on a treasure hunt in the Lion Cemetery, your adrenaline is guaranteed to surge. Discover more in the Equilibrious Test!

Mechanopolis: This locale where players can challenge their tactical thinking and fast reaction abilities. It is not easy, but the rewards are well worth the challenge!


New Dungeons - Skycrest Mine, Battle Royale

Skycrest Mine features a range of engaging missions, including decryption challenges, escaping from poisonous fog, and making strategic use of explosion effects, all of which create a thrilling and tense gaming experience.

Battle Royale: the battleground is Rocky Island, where players must engage in fierce combat to acquire the Spirit Core. To emerge victorious, players need to collect six Spirit Cores and make their escape through the Portal.


The highlights of this new dungeons different from others are:

Diverse Ways To Win: This battlefield provides a variety of ways to win, including collecting Sprite Cores and using a variety of unique equipment and strategies to deal with the Wraith Breath This means that players can customize their winning method.

High Richness Equipment System: Players can find a variety of equipment (Hooks, Ice Core, Ice Traps, Thunder Shields, etc.) . From enemy markers to long-range attacks, each piece of equipment can change the situation of the battle. This inspires strategic competition in the battle royal.

Intensive Wraith Breath: The battlefield is filled with Wraith Breath, which poses a threat to life. While, by collecting Anti-corrosion Potion and staying in the Sprite Energy Tower, players can increase their chances of survival.

Dynamic Competition: Players need to respond flexibly to changing situations. Every moment on the battlefield is full of tension and excitement.

Fair Play: The battlefield ensures fair play and all players have an equal chance to participate and win.


The test qualifications (Boarding Pass) have been sent via Perfect New World official email. Please check your [Spam] and [Subscribed] folders if you do not see our email in your inbox, as you may have auto-filter on. Join us in exploring the diverse world of Perfect New World. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your presence in the game!



For more information, including scheduled updates and development progress, please visit Perfect New World:

Official Website:

Official Discord:

Official Facebook:

Official YouTube:


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