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"We invite you to check out the latest trailer for our new psychological horror!"

October 10, 2023

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Madmind Studios | The protagonist, suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia, will have to make a difficult decision – whether to stay home without medication and uncover the dark secret of his neighbor. Or should he buy the medicine and meet his missing sister, who has given a sign of life for the first time in ten years?

"Paranoid" will allow players to determine the course of Patrick's story. Depending on the choices, the player will either lock themselves in their apartment with their demons or venture into the city, discovering an alternative course of events. The game can be completed in two ways, showing how the simple decision to stay or leave the apartment profoundly affects the protagonist's fate.

Both game paths are equally significant and rich in content.  

What's more, we're happy to announce that the full version of the game will be released on December 15, 2023! 

Is your neighbor... a demon?
Among all the crazy theories that the main character is living with, this one seems to be the most true. Could the neighbor who haunts Patrick's dreams be hiding a dark secret? Who is she, and why can't she get her out of his head? Does she exist, and do we want to know the answer?  

About Paranoid
The game tells the story of Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who lost his entire family in mysterious circumstances – his parents died brutally, and his sister suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. The trauma of losing loved ones shattered Patrick's psyche and turned his apartment into a prison.

The only member of Patrick's family left alive is his sister, who disappeared more than 10 years ago. One day, he receives a phone call, and the voice in the receiver seems to belong to his lost sibling. She announces her arrival – several years after her disappearance. The whole event forces Patrick to break his previous life of isolation, exposing himself to nightmarish experiences bordering on madness.

Key features

  • Two story mode paths

  • Dynamic, intense, and brutal combat 

  • Executions using weapons and the environment 

  • Melee and ranged weapons 

  • Logical puzzles 

  • Balancing between paranoia and reality 

  • Terrifying enemies 

  • Multi-threaded storyline merging psychological horror with action and survival elements 

  • Realistic visual design 

  • Disturbing atmosphere blending psychosis and surrealism

Are you interested in Paranoid? We are building our review list as we speak, so let us know if you'd like to get your key. Simply message me at [email protected] so that I can add you :)  

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If you'd like to get all high quality assets, please head to our official Paranoid press pack:  

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About Madmind Studio
Madmind Studio is an indie game development studio created in 2016 by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. We are a team of game developers who have worked for more than ten years in the video gaming industry. The invaluable experience we have gained with these titles allows us to use this knowledge not only to translate it into high-quality titles but also to help and train new, passionate people who are just beginning their adventure in the gaming industry. Currently, we have 37 employees employed. We are determined to create the best possible, visually stunning games with a unique atmosphere. 

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